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Pizza Please

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"We're hungry!" announced Ashley after she and her cousin Madison helped their grandmother get her house ready for the family Christmas party.

"Then I guess you'd like something to eat," said Grandma. "What sounds good?"

"Pizza!" the girls sang out together.

Grandma smiled. "Don't know why I asked," she said. "I just read that pizza is America's favorite meal. Okay, pizza it is--we'll make it."

They got out the ingredients to make the dough. When it was ready, both girls helped spread the pizza sauce. Madison tasted it as Grandma placed an assortment of cheeses and pizza toppings on the counter. "This sauce isn't great by itself," Madison said. "Neither is the crust."

Ashley laughed. "No, but it's good compared to onions," she said. "They're okay on pizza, but I don't like them raw . . . or green peppers, either."

The girls chatted as they continued preparing the pizza. "The kids next door make fun of me because I go to Sunday school and church," complained Madison. She popped a slice of pepperoni into her mouth. "Oh, yummy! Pepperoni is good by itself!" she exclaimed.

"So is this cheese," said Ashley. She sighed. "At least the kids bugging you live next door," she told Madison. "The ones bugging me live in my own house! My little brother and sister always come barging into my room."

Madison grinned. "Yeah, but they're so cute! And you always tell me how much fun you have playing hide and seek with them! You've got it really good. Hasn't she, Grandma?"

"We all have it good," Grandma replied. "I was just thinking that life is a lot like pizza. We like some of the ingredients--or experiences--and not others. But God uses all of them to help us become more like Jesus. Ridicule by friends can help us stand stronger for our beliefs. Pesky brothers or sisters can teach us patience.God uses all of life's ingredients for our good."

Madison nodded. "Just like all the pizza ingredients--even the onions--taste good when they're baked together," she said with a grin.

How does life taste to you? Are you really pleased about something that’s happening in your life right now? Are you unhappy about something else? When you don’t like the taste of one of life’s ingredients, think of pizza and remember that God lovingly watches over you in everything you go through. Trust Him to work all your experiences together for your good.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 8:28 (KJV)
We know that all things work together for good to those who love God.

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