Keys for Kids
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Regular Care Needed

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"Look at the plant Grandma gave me," said Adele when she came home after spending an afternoon with her grandmother. "Grandma says it will have flowers. Can I keep it in my room and take care of it myself?" Mom nodded, so Adele took the plant to her room, where she made a place for it on her dresser.

From time to time, Adele checked for buds on the plant. She frowned when she found only the stems and leaves--and they seemed to be turning brown.

"Are there buds on your plant?" Grandma asked when she came over one day.

Adele shook her head. "No. In fact, it looks like it's dying," she said.

"Have you been watering it regularly?" asked Grandma.

"Well, I . . ." Adele hesitated. "I try to remember. Want to see it? Maybe you can tell me what's wrong with it."

Grandma followed Adele into her room to check it out. "Oh, my!" Grandma exclaimed. "This poor plant is drowning in water! What happened?"

Adele shrugged. "I forgot to water it for a couple of days, so I just gave it lots of extra water this morning," she explained.

Grandma shook her head. "Adele, how would you like it if your mother forgot to fix dinner for a few days, and then when she remembered, she made you eat enough for all the meals she had forgotten?" she asked.

Adele laughed. "I wouldn't like it," she said. "I'd be starving on the days she forgot, and I'd get way too full when she remembered again."

"Your plant doesn't like that kind of treatment, either," said Grandma. "You need to water it regularly." As they turned to leave the room, Grandma noticed the Bible on Adele's desk. "I see you have your Bible handy," she said approvingly.

Adele nodded and picked it up. "This is one thing I haven't forgotten, Grandma," she said. "When you gave it to me, you told me to read it every day, and that's what I've been doing."

Grandma smiled. "That's great!" she said. "It's the best book in the world. It's full of spiritual food for you, and I'm glad to see you're getting a regular diet of that."

Do you read your Bible every day? Or do you sometimes forget—or neglect it even when you do remember? When that happens, do you try to catch up by reading faster or reading a lot at a time? That doesn’t work well. The Bible gives you spiritual food. If you want to see growth in your Christian life, set up a schedule for regular Bible reading. Read it, think about what it says, and follow its teaching.

I have treasured the words of His (God’s) mouth more than my necessary food.

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