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The Meek

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"Grandpa, I learned another beatitude," said Heidi when Great-grandpa Hohenberger came over one day. "It's Blessed are the meek.'"

George spoke up from across the room, "Everyone at school calls one of the teachers Meek Mr. Milton.' He's a little man with a high, whiny voice. He acts like a sissy, Grandpa! Why would Jesus give special blessings to sissies?"

"George," said Grandpa sternly, "do not talk that way! Your teacher's age and position require your respect." He paused, then added, "Do you think I'm a weak sissy? I was very meek when my ship from Germany landed in New York City."

"What do you mean?" asked Heidi, surprised.

"Well, a meek person is humble and submissive," Grandpa replied. "When I arrived here, I was meek, willing to submit to my boss and learn to do things the American way. Even though I had a good education and a high paying job in Germany, I was grateful to get a job washing dishes."

"I guess you knew a lot more than the people you worked with," said George.

"Oh, no!" objected Grandpa. "I couldn't even speak English! They all helped me learn about America and how to speak properly."

"And you had to submit to the laws of this country and promise to obey them, didn't you?" Heidi asked.

"Yes, I switched my loyalty from Germany to America." Grandpa nodded thoughtfully. "When we become Christians, we switch loyalty, too."

"We do?" asked George.

"What loyalty do we switch?" Heidi wondered.

"That's an easy one, Heidi," said Grandpa. "Before I was saved, I was quite proud of myself. But now I see that God is great and I am nothing. I am willing to do whatever He wants me to do, surrender my will to Him. That is being meek."

"I love Jesus, too, but sometimes I still want my own way," confessed Heidi.

Grandpa nodded. "We all struggle with that. Sometimes I miss Germany, but then I remind myself that my loyalty now belongs to America. After we become Christians, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that our loyalty now belongs to Jesus. We must humbly surrender our will to Him each day to be fully happy and blessed."

Have you switched your loyalty over to Jesus? Do you have a submissive, humble, and teachable spirit? Do you love Jesus enough to surrender your will to Him and do whatever He wants you to do—not just when you’re older, but even now as a young person? If He prompts you to help someone, be kind, witness to a friend, or serve in any way, will you do it? You’ll be happiest when you give God full control of your life, and you will be rewarded in eternity as well.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: (Matthew 5:5)
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

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