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The Merciful

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"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy,'" read Heidi as she studied a new verse. "Grandpa, what is mercy?" she asked.

"Why don't you look it up in the dictionary?" suggested Great-grandpa Hohenberger. "I'll help you."

Heidi ran to get the dictionary, and Heidi's brother George watched while they found the word. "Let's see. Mercy means . . . here it is. Helpful treatment of one who does not deserve it,'" read Heidi, "or the kind and gentle treatment of someone who has no right to it.'"

Grandpa nodded. "People who are merciful sympathize with others and go out of their way to help even those who don't deserve their help," he said. "God shows the most wonderful mercy of all. He's willing to forgive our sins instead of giving us the punishment we deserve. He wants us to follow His example."

"Did people show mercy to you when you came to America?" asked George.

"Indeed they did!" Grandpa replied. "Let's see . . . I told you about my first job in America, remember?"

"You washed dishes in a restaurant," said Heidi.

"That's right. I could barely speak any English, so I took a friend along to translate for me when I applied for jobs," Grandpa explained. "Work was hard to find, and when I inquired at the restaurant near my apartment, the manager said they had no openings at all. As I turned to leave, the owner came in. He must have seen the discouraged look on my face, and he stopped me and asked my translator a lot of questions. The next day . . ."

"You got a job," interrupted Heidi.

"I did," said Grandpa. "After hearing my story, the owner showed me mercy by finding work for me to do. I didn't deserve such kindness, but he gave it."

"Did you work there long?" George asked.

"Yes, several years," answered Grandpa, "and the owner showed mercy more than once. It was all so new to me, and I made many mistakes. But he never fired me, which he could have done. He was a Christian, and I'm sure God blessed him for being such a merciful man."

Are you a merciful Christian? Do you show mercy and forgiveness when you are wronged, or do you try to get even? If you see someone who needs a friend, is too busy to get everything done, or is struggling with school work, do you show mercy and help? Even if that person hasn’t been especially nice to you and there are other things you’d rather do? If you show mercy to others, God says you will also have mercy shown to you.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: (Matthew 5:7)
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

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