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Worth the Wait

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"Hey, Dad," said Elise one day as she leafed through a garden catalog, "there's a section in here called Unusual Seeds. Can we order some?"

"Why not?" agreed Dad. "Exactly what kind did you have in mind?"

"Ginseng," said Elise. "Is that okay? This catalog says it's so valuable that its dried roots will sell for a lot of money in health food stores."

Dad looked at the catalog. "I don't know," he said. "Those seeds cost a lot, and it seems to me I've heard they take a long time to come up and grow--maybe even a year or more. Don't you think you'd rather have something you'd see sooner?"

Elise shrugged. "Well, maybe . . . but most of the stuff we plant will grow faster, and I'd like to try raising something different, too," she said. "Even if only a few of the seeds grow good, they could be worth a lot of money. Besides, you always say anything worth having is worth waiting for."

"I guess you've got me there," admitted Dad. "Okay, include ginseng in our order." He grinned as he added, "But promise me you'll wait a little more patiently for them to come up than you're waiting for the seed you planted last night to show results."

"Last night?" asked Elise. "I didn't plant anything last night."

"Sure you did," said Dad. "I heard you and your friend Eva talking about God. Eva seemed to think a loving God would allow everyone into heaven, and you told her she needed Jesus to get there."

Elise frowned. "Yeah," she said, "but Eva still doesn't think God will refuse to let her in. She'll probably never change her mind."

"Every time we witness, we're planting the seed of God's Word," replied Dad, "and like I said, we have to be patient and not be discouraged if we don't see immediate results. Sometimes it takes a long time for that seed to grow. But when it does, it produces fruit that lasts forever."

"And that's worth the wait, right?" Elise asked.

"Definitely!" said Dad. "After you plant your ginseng seeds, you and I can remind each other to have faith and patience to see results--not only in the garden, but also in witnessing!"

Have you planted the seed of the Gospel—the Word of God? Have you been discouraged because you haven’t seen any results? Be patient. Continue to share God’s Word, and leave the timing up to God. It may be that you won’t ever see the results, but He promises that His Word will accomplish its purpose. Trust Him, and keep planting.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Isaiah 55:11 (KJV)
My Word . . . shall accomplish what I please.

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