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Ruchi Gupta

Posted 3/30/16 at 7:05 AM | Ruchi Gupta

Top five powerful persons of the world 2015.

Many people dreams of becoming powerful. Many try and achieve it in a negative way while many opt for the hard but positive way. Becoming powerful in a positive way in your neighbourhood becomes a difficult task. Imagine how the following list of people has made their way into being the world’s most powerful.
The list of top five powerful people:

Vladimir Putin: Yes the President of Russia seems to acquire the first most position in this list. He is obviously a man of powers, and he proves it by doing whatever he feels like. He is not afraid of the consequences as he very easily manages to escape from them. One example to prove this point would be that he managed to bomb the ISIS forces in Syria in October. Then he went and met President Assad, face-to-face. This made the United States and NATO successfully look weak. He definitely managed to re-build the Russian influence in an International level.

Angela Merkel: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, very successfully managed to keep herself on this list for last 10 years. She definitely has that X factor in her that allows her to stay on this list without any problem. Let us take one example why she deserves to be on this list. She has very successfully omitted a recession during an immense economic crisis which was global. She gave out stimulus packages and various efficient government subsidies for companies which allowed cutting of hours for workers. She is also helping Greece revive its economy. FULL POST