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Expert diet plan tips for faster weight loss

Thu, Sep. 28, 2017 Posted: 01:53 PM

Talk about wishlists and fast weight loss usually tops the chart for many. It’s healthy to cut down on your excess pounds to stay fit from within. However, speedy weight loss is not exactly about crash diets or dramatically reduce your regular meal intake per day. Fitness & health experts are strongly against such drastic measures as they lead to malnourishment, low immunity and a sick you. The maxim of quick weight loss is healthy eating based on adequate intake of calories and nutrients.
The post below offers expert diet plan tips for faster weight loss. Here you go to ways to lose belly fat -

Know about the required calorie intake per day

Women should consume 2,000 calories every day while men require around 2,500 calories to stay functional and active. This is an average estimate and the calorie requirements might vary slightly as per the lifestyle and age of an individual. For example, the calorie intake of an athlete will be more than a corporate executive. It’s best to discuss with your dietician or physician or gym instructor about your specific calorie requirement based on your particular conditions.

It’s to note that you must not consume less than 1,200 calories per day.

Tips for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks


Your breakfast should comprise of 350-400 calories. Make sure not to consume more than 400 calories as the excess calories would accumulate as fat in your body. An ideal breakfast for healthy weight loss should contain something like- 8 grams of protein, 41-gram carb including 4 grams fiber and 14-gram total fat. Remember, when it comes to carbs, go for complex carbs and white carbs altogether from your meal plan.


Lunch would comprise of something like 400 calories. An ideal lunch would be rich in refined carbohydrates and protein to keep you active for the most of the day.


Dinner would be lighter than breakfast and lunch. Limit it to no more 300-350 calories. Lean protein, especially chicken, is mostly suggested for dinner.


Binge on ‘healthy’ snacks in between your large meal. Your total calorie consumption for snacks throughout the day should not exceed 200 calories.

Check weight loss meal delivery options

If you are too confused with your portions and calories, the best thing is to opt for weight loss meal delivery programs. You will get to know about various weight loss meal delivery programs online. These programs send ready-to-eat meals designed as per the specific calorie, protein, carb and fat requirements of the users.

Know the right timing

Diet plan for weight loss is not just about what you intake. It’s also about “when” you intake your food. Researchers have pointed out the ideal timing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast- 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
Lunch- 12:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Dinner- 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Dinner after 8 p.m. can lead to unwanted weight gain. We are generally low on activity in late evening. Our body does not get much opportunity to burn fat with a late dinner and it invariably leads to a wider waistline.

Eat before heading to parties

You must have already received a series of invitations for the holiday parties. While parties are cool, the not-so-fun part is that we always end up eating more. And that’s a disaster for your fitness goals. To avoid overbinging in parties, make sure to eat something light before you set out for the celebrations. A handful of nuts is both savory and filling. It will keep you moderately full and prevent you from overeating.

Keep yourself hydrated

Celebrations and parties usually disrupt our everyday fitness measures. However, though you can’t have a tight control on what you eat- at least be careful about adequate hydration. No holiday party is complete without “high spirits” and alcohol can lead to serious dehydration. So, you have to have your water bottle handy all the time to prevent dehydration issues. Fitness is not just about getting in shape. It also involves keeping your system healthy.
Moreover, sufficient hydration will keep you full and would prevent you from going overboard with the cocktails.

Be careful about a low-carb meal at home

Holiday parties mean wild hogging galore. While you can’t always avoid the high-fat delicacies at parties, try to be extra strict with your meals at home. Experts advise for Keto diet or low-carb meals mostly. Stay away from high-carb foods (at home) for the time being. You can browse through to know more about the food and exercises vital for your fitness goals.

Tear up the dance floor

One of the coolest ways to stay fit in the midst of holiday parties is to make the most of feet-tapping music. Dancing to the party tunes will not only burn your calories but will also keep you mentally fresh. Try to encourage every member of the party to match feet with you to pump up the fitness level of other guests as well.

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