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Top Free Christmas Apps To Entertain Your Kids

Mon, Mar. 13, 2017 Posted: 01:37 PM

Christmas can be something kids enjoy the whole year round with the availability of free Christmas apps downloadable any day of every month. If you are looking for ways to entertain your kids, here are some top free apps you can install on your phone:

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Boost your child's creativity and thinking skills while keeping him entertained with this jigsaw puzzle. Made especially for kids, the puzzle has five different levels of difficulty multiplied by 8 Christmas-inspired images. Made for kids less than 5 years of age, the game is beautifully colored and mashed with entertaining pops and music for a very enjoyable activity.

Wombi Christmas Toys

Santa needs help in his shop! This Wombi Christmas Toy app lets your kid be part of the magic of Christmas by giving him the 'elf' role in Santa's North Pole operation. Using this app, kids can assemble toys, design them, and have them ready for delivery to all the nice boys and girls of the world. A truly interactive game with lots of possible combinations, Wombi Christmas Toys should leave kids entertained for hours at a time.

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Let your kid's inner designer out as he enjoys this interactive game. My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree essentially lets your kid design his very own Christmas Tree using the ornaments provided in the app. You have to be a little careful though since there are ornaments that need to be purchased. Fortunately, there are lots of FREE ornaments that you won't actually need the ones for sale in order to make your tree pretty!

Call Santa Clause

Have your kid call Santa and actually talk to him through this app. While it is not an installable app in a strict sense of the word, this feature does allow you to access it through your phone. What's great about this app is that you can choose what Santa says during the call and reinforce the magic of Christmas. Perfect for parents who want to build the excitement for the kids, this app is perhaps one of the most amazing gifts to give your kid for Christmas.

Find the Scout Elves – Elf on the Shelf

If you have an Elf on the Shelf in your own home, then your child should be able to relate to this one completely. This game essentially works like whack-a-mole but utilizing elves that pop in and pop out in rapid succession. Kids will be entertained for hours softly tapping on the phone or tablet screen, gaining points, and getting encouragements.

Christmas Toddler - Educational Games

If you are ready to introduce your child to the world of learning while at the same time keeping him entertained, this app should be perfect! The app features lots of educational games from identifying colors, numbers, and shapes – allowing your child to be ahead of the pack when it comes to basic education. The game is overall styled following a winter Christmas theme with entertaining sounds and music.

Racing Santa

Santa needs to be fit and ready for all the deliveries he is going to make for Christmas. Unfortunately, there are lots of little monsters trying to stop him from reaching his goal. With this game, your kid can help Santa escape the little monsters and do what must be done for kids everywhere. Running fast and jumping over obstacles, the game is a highly responsive, very entertaining, and well-made installation for smart phones everywhere.

Christmas Piano

Does your child love music? Christmas Piano is a Santa-themed on-screen piano that lets your child play a music note at a touch of a finger. The app also comes with real songs, slowly teaching your child how and where to tap in order to get the music he wants. This could be your kid's jump off to a real keyboard and piano as it teaches appreciation for music and responsiveness.

Find the Differences: Christmas Edition

A classic game made with a Christmas spin, this app lets you and your kid find the differences between two seemingly identical Christmas images. Honing the eyes and sharpening comparison skills, it is a wonderful game that helps kids learn while having fun.

Santa Rescue Saga

If your kid loves adventure – the Santa Rescue Saga is the one for him! In this game, Santa got into a really tough situation and needs help with players equipped to get him out and ready for Christmas.

Robert Hoffman