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A Clarion Call for Freedom: Christians Must Speak Truth to Power

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Author: The Family Policy Council of West Virginia Pastor Nathan Cherry

My fellow Christians, let not silence be the death knell to all the biblical truths we hold dear!

Christians must take a stand on the critical issues of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family currently being debated. But we must not only be ready to take stand—however unpopular—but be ready and willing to speak out. It is not acceptable to simply espouse a personal view or be a silent witness. Rather, what is critical to preserve our values is for Christians, especially America’s pastors, to voice God’s truth.

Many Christians try to live good lives, but oftentimes, they embrace a low-key approach that accepts the status quo—regardless of the moral implications. But when Christians are silently apathetic to the moral crises of the day, a very vocal minority is advancing its liberal, immoral agenda. If Christians refuse to speak up and engage in this debate, then who will? Who will oppose a godless agenda that continues to erode our religious freedom?

As a pastor, I feel called to take a stand and be vocal, sounding the alarm to rouse Christians to action. If we don’t speak, others will be happy to speak for us—and they will insert words into our mouths and corrupt our faith.

For example, a self-described Christian woman in Beaumont, TX is irritated that a pre-school graduation ceremony includes an “overtly Christian prayer.” This “Christian” woman partnered with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist organization, to send a letter to the school district asking them to stop praying at their ceremonies.

An even more disturbing example is a pastor who recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post decrying the tradition of singing “God Bless America” at baseball games! Yes, you read that correctly, this pastor is upset that people “are forced” to stand and sing “God Bless America” during the game.

As a pastor, I simply cannot think of a valid reason to oppose such a beautiful tradition. This custom juxtaposes church and state and reminds us how deeply rooted our nation is in God’s Word and how important faith is to the American people. As a Christian, it is exciting to hear so many people sing a song that praises God and thanks Him for blessing our nation. But when this “pastor” professes that this “empty ritual” is annoying and should cease, he appears to speak on behalf of all Christians since he does so as an authority on God’s Word. His misguided remarks only further embolden our opposition to create a society that completely segregates faith from the public square.

Another disturbing example comes from Iowa where a group of religious professors argue that the Bible actually supports multiple types of marriage rather than as the godly union of one man and one woman. In a recent interview, the trio of professors claimed that a biblical “argument against same-sex marriage is wholly unsustainable” and “very few scholars are talking about it, because they don’t want to take the heat.”

Leading biblical scholars such as Ravvi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, or Norm Geisler would be able to easily dismantle the flimsy arguments they make. But they, just like all Christians, need to speak out and dispel the falsehoods these professors spew as Gospel truth.

Fellow pastors and Christians, the decision is yours. If you continue to be silent and refuse to preach or teach the truth about the critical issues of the day, a vocal minority will decide the fate of your freedoms and that of your children’s. Without a doubt, your religious liberty will be further marginalized.

I encourage you to speak up. Actively teach your congregation how to engage in these discussions from a biblical perspective. Teach grace, truth, and love. As Christ exemplified, we must be willing to love people so much we want to teach them God’s truth—even if we risk offending them.

I am not willing to sit by and allow someone to speak for me; especially when those speaking are making statements inconsistent with Scripture and leading others astray. And neither should you! Pastors and Christians across America, now is the time for your voices to be heard before a fringe minority silences our God-given freedoms.

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