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Are you a Student at Grand Valley State University? Your Rights are at Stake

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The student handbook at any university might not be a real page-turner, but there are some policies at the Grand Valley State University that you should definitely be aware of. GVSU has a “Bias Incidents” policy that limits your freedom to express yourself on campus. Grand Valley’s policy is a speech code, and it says that if you make a fellow student feel “belittled” or “disrespected” you could be reported to university authorities.

If you want more information on Grand Valley’s polices and why they’re unconstitutional, check out our letter to the university here.

Why does this matter to you? Maybe you’ve never run into problems with this policy, maybe you have. Similar speech code and “bias prevention” policies are in place all around the country, and they’ve led to students being harshly punished for simply speaking up about their beliefs. At Augusta State University, professors required graduate student, Jennifer Keeton, to take remedial diversity training to stay in her counseling program just for sharing her Christian beliefs in class and on campus.

But this isn’t only happening at one school. In Washington, Spokane Community College wanted to expel Beth Sheeran for sponsoring a pro-life awareness event because it was considered a “bias incident.” Stories like this occur every day, all around the United States.

What can you do? Contact us at Alliance Defending Freedom. We would love to discuss ways you can help change these policies at Montclair State University, so that every student is free to exercise their First Amendment right to speech, whatever their opinion.


Resources: Grand Valley State University Demand Letter

Know your rights: Speech Codes  Speech Zones

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