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Are you a Student at Montana State University? Your Rights are at Stake

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If you are a part of an on-campus group at Montana State University or want to start one, here’s a heads up on some of your school’s policies that you might not know about.

Like a lot of schools, Montana State has guidelines for students who want to form groups on campus, but in this case the MSU Policy for Student Organizations limits your freedom by stopping your student org from choosing leaders that agree with your group’s purpose.

If you want more information on Montana State University’s polices and why they’re unconstitutional, check out our letter to the university here.

Why does this matter to you?Maybe you’ve never run into problems with this policy, maybe you have. Similar nondiscrimination policies and “bias prevention” policies are in place all around the country. At Texas A&M the university denied Freshmen Leaders in Christ official status because it required leaders to adhere to basic tenants of the Christian faith. At Yale, a Christian Fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi was denied status as well for similar reasons. Because Montana State University has this policy, if your campus group says that leaders must adhere to your foundational beliefs, you are in danger of being de-recognized as a student group.

What can you do? Contact us at Alliance Defending Freedom. We would love to discuss ways you can help change these policies at Montana State University, so that every student is free to exercise their First Amendment right to speech, whatever their opinion.


Resources: Montana State University Demand Letter

Know your rights: Speech Codes  Speech Zones

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