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Are Your Church’s Wireless Microphones Legal?

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Author: ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley

This story from Baptist Press is a must-read for churches that have and use wireless microphones. When Television switched over to a digital format in 2009, the FCC changed the rules for what frequencies were permissible for wireless devices. Most older wireless microphones operate within the “700 MHz band” (between 698 and 806 MHz). This band has now been reserved for emergency workers such as police and fire and are off-limits.

Churches who have not already checked to see if their wireless microphones are in compliance should do so immediately as churches could face significant fines for operating wireless microphones in the prohibited frequency range. Many churches have seen this coming for some time, but if you have missed it, you should check out your church’s wireless microphones. Besides the fines, older wireless microphones that operate in the 700 MHz range can experience interference and can also interfere with emergency workers using that frequency range for their communications.

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