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Christian College Kids in Cultural Crossfire

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A recent article in The Wall Street Journal by Peter Berkowitz, a political scientist at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, points out that our public universities are being politicized, and dominated by left-leaning professors and administrators. As proof, he notes that last year the American Association of University Professors officially endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement. Certainly the Occupy movement was significant and should be addressed in courses on political and social science, but to endorse it outright is indicative of the type of liberal bias that is so prevalent in our universities today.

We at ADF are contacted on a regular basis by college students who are vilified, disciplined, and sometimes even removed from a course of study because they espouse pro-life or pro-family views. Just this week, a student from a university in North Carolina reported on our Facebook page that her campus speech was censored because it encouraged students to vote for Amendment One, which would preserve marriage as between one man and one woman in North Carolina. Her plight is just the tip of the iceberg. Students like Julea Ward at Eastern Michigan University are being forced out of their chosen field of study because they dare to believe and speak out on what the Bible has to say about sexual immorality. And religious student groups that have the audacity to require their leaders to actually believe the religious principles the group stands for are being thrown off public and even private campuses like Vanderbilt that were founded on religious principles.

As a Christian father of two teens that will be heading off to college in the next few years, this is particularly concerning to me. Especially since it’s recently been widely reported that almost half of students lose their faith when they go away to school. The answer is students have to be willing to stand for what they believe in – even in the face of opposition from overbearing professors, and pressure from their classmates. And we as parents, youth leaders, and pastors must work to prepare students for the trial of their faith we all know is coming. Merely believing because your parents believe no longer cuts it at college. Students and their leaders must do the hard work of studying the Bible to understand what they believe and why.

The good news is, we at ADF have the back of students when they do take a stand. For instance, we recently successfully defended Julea Ward in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The court recognized that she had a valid claim that the university had wrongly discriminated against her because of her religious beliefs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing discrimination on campus, contact us today at or 1-800-TELL-ADF.

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