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Christian Preacher Arrested for Saying That Homosexual Behavior Is a Sin

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Author: ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley

If you haven't heard the story of preacher Dale McAlpine, then you will want to take notice.  Mr. McAlpine is a British man who preaches on the streets of his hometown in Cumbria.  He was recently arrested by a police officer who told him that it was against the law to preach that homosexual behavior was sinful.

Dale was preaching on April 20 when he was approached by a police officer who warned him not to preach that homosexual behavior was a sin because to do so would be against the law.  Later in the conversation, the police officer identified himself as a person who engages in homosexual behavior and then arrested Mr. McAlpine for creating "harassment, alarm or distress" contrary to Section 5 of the public order act.  I couldn't help but think of Peter and the Apostles in Acts 5 when I read that Mr. McAlpine was charged and released on bail on the condition that he not preach in public.

As the Christian Institute points out, speech saying that homosexual behavior is sinful is not in violation of the Public Order Act. But something is indeed wrong when a law like the Public Order Act in Britain, which was intended to combat rowdy sports fans, leads to the arrest of someone peacefully sharing their faith.  Indeed, as Kevin Theriot points out, there is an increasing attack on the speech of Christians sharing their faith, not just in places like Britain, but also here in the United States.

That attack comes from many fronts, but primarily is from those espousing the homosexual agenda, which ADF's President Alan Sears rightly calls "the principal threat to religious freedom today."  Alan states in his book The Homosexual Agenda that "The bottom line is that the right of people of faith to hold sincere beliefs. . . is under attack unless they are willing to muzzle any expression of their faith."  And if there are still any doubters about whether what Alan says is true, then just listen to the homosexual activists who have clearly communicated what their end-game strategy is.  Alan quotes in his book homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen who stated, "[In regards to those] who feel compelled to adhere rigidly to an authoritarian belief structure (i.e. an orthodox religion), that condemns homosexuality. . . our primary objective regarding die-hard homohaters of this sort is to cow and silence them."

Dale McAlpine's recent run-in with the British constabulary should disturb all of us. While it may not be against the law yet to speak Biblical Truth about issues in our society like homosexual behavior, we must recognize that Truth is under attack.  And for those who tell us that we cannot speak the Truth, we must be prepared to declare, as Peter did so forcefully before the Sanhedrin, "We must obey God rather than men!"

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