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Churches Vandalized, Ransacked, and Threatened with Disruption

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Author: ADF Legal Counsel Dale Schowengerdt

The past week produced more evidence that attacks against churches are on the rise-at least three churches suffered property destruction or threatened disruption.  As usual, they were conservative churches that take a stand on moral issues that were abused.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a group called "Bash Back" broke into an Evangelical church and spray painted "666" and other messages on a church van and garage door, poured oil over books and other items, and stole valuable construction equipment.  ("Bash Back" is the same group that ADF is currently suing on behalf of Mount Hope Church in Michigan, after they disrupted a Sunday service and blocked traffic because of the church's stand in support of marriage and against abortion).

In Maywood, California a Catholic parish was broken into and ransacked, "666" was written on the walls, a cross was turned upside down and burned, and a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary had a knife stuck through it.

In Chicago, a group that advocates homosexual behavior called the "Rainbow Sash Coalition" threatened to disrupt Mass on Pentecost Sunday at the Cathedral and other churches around the country.  The group said that it was motivated to disrupt services because of the Catholic Church's teaching that homosexual conduct is sinful and that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Thankfully, it appears that this protest was largely thwarted before any damage was done.

Federal law has strong protections for churches that suffer intimidation and vandalism.  If your church has been attacked or vandalized, please let us know immediately.  Taking action quickly can protect your church and other churches from future attacks.  And remember that it's important for every church to have a security plan.  Check out our security checklist here.

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