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Crucial Progress in the Ongoing War Against Abortion

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For many Americans, every January 22 since 1973 has marked another milestone in our nation’s long, tragic detour from its once profound commitment to the preservation of life in the womb. Last year, the fortieth since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court re-enforced the feeling, shared even by some committed pro-life activists, that that terrible ruling will never be overturned.

The truth is, though, that our national fixation on the decision itself sometimes blinds us to the very real – even extraordinary – progress God has blessed us to make in the war against abortion, and to the tremendous victories He has given us in courts coast-to-coast against those who would profit from their contempt for the sanctity of human life.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been blessed to play what’s being called “a vital role” in a significant portion of those victories. We and our Allies are leading the legal fight to defund and de-brand Planned Parenthood – working tirelessly with members of Congress and state legislatures across the nation to expose that corporation’s often callous disregard for women’s health and medical ethics in its single-minded pursuit of the millions of dollars in profits to be made from killing babies in the womb.

In many states, our efforts in conjunction with local authorities contributed to the closing of abortion clinics. In just the last 12 months, Operation Rescue reports, 87 surgical abortion clinics and six chemical abortion clinics (the latter all owned by or related to Planned Parenthood) have closed in the U.S. – a drop of 12 percent in just one year, and a drop of 73 percent from the record number of clinics operating in 1991. In five states – Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming – only one abortion clinic is still open for business.

Last year also saw an extraordinarily successful legal assault on the Obamacare abortion pill mandate. In courtrooms across America, more than 300 plaintiffs have brought 91 cases against the government, challenging the administration’s right to compel employers to ignore their faith beliefs and provide their workers with insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. Those employers who don’t provide the coverage face heavy – often crippling financial penalties.

The good news: in 53 of the 60 cases, courts have ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, usually through preliminary injunctions – court orders that prohibit the administration from enforcing its mandate against the plaintiff while the case moves forward. These injunctions are difficult to obtain because a court will only issue one if it is convinced that the party requesting the injunction is likely to win the case. Alliance Defending Freedom is currently representing plaintiffs in 16 of these Obamacare cases; the courts have ruled in our favor in 15 of them.

So: the fight goes on, and more and more, the legal wave is building on behalf of those who cherish life and have fought so long and faithfully to defend it.

Take heart – your prayers and gifts continue to make a powerful, eternal difference, strengthening and equipping our attorneys to make more and more legal headway in this critical struggle that will shape tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. Keep praying, and we’ll keep fighting (John 15:5).

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