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5/10/13 at 12:02 PM 3 Comments

DOMA and the "Living Constitution"

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This opinion column originally appeared on on 5/10/2013.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Bradley Abramson

After signing the Defense of Marriage Act into law in 1996, then President Bill Clinton released a statement saying, “I have long opposed governmental recognition of same-gender marriages, and this legislation is consistent with that position.” In May 2011, Clinton reversed himself on the subject, publicly supporting marriage redefinition in New York.

Then, in a March 7 Washington Post editorial entitled “It’s time to overturn DOMA,” Clinton wrote,“Although . . . [the enactment of DOMA] was only 17 years ago, it was a very different time. . . As the president who signed the act into law, I have come to believe that DOMA is . . . incompatible with our Constitution. . . It should be overturned.”

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