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Has Planned Parenthood Committed Fraud?

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This opinion column originally appeared on on 8/18/2013.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael Norton

Last year, as many Americans remember, The Susan G. Komen Foundation was concerned that Planned Parenthood was not using grants that Komen provided for breast cancer screenings as the grants required, so it announced it would no longer provide grants to Planned Parenthood affiliates, and a political firestorm erupted.

The firestorm occurred even though Komen was also concerned about allegations of “Medicaid fraud” by Planned Parenthood and then ongoing congressional investigations. This is because Planned Parenthood orchestrated a broadside political and media campaign that brought Komen to its knees.

In a Feb. 2, 2012 letter to Komen, 26 pro-abortion U.S. senators urged Komen to reconsider. They said, “It would be tragic if any woman—let alone thousands of women—lost access to these potentially life-saving screenings because of a politically motivated attack.” This, by the way, was the beginning of the so-called “War on Women”—a phony war if ever there was one.

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