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Jordan Lorence: Bush and Rove Weren't behind the State Marriage Amendments of 2006

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Author: ADF Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence

The following opinion column appeared on The Washington Examiner and The Weekly Standard on 9/29/10.

Organizers of a $1.2 million fundraiser held Sept. 22 to back a hostile takeover of the definition of marriage through the courts seem to be fond of some rather inaccurate statements lately.

Following the New York City event sponsored by the American Foundation for Equal Rights, a Hollywood-backed organization with no aversion to destroying state marriage amendments, the chief organizer wrote, “It was an honor to be able to bring together so many to support AFER’s historic effort on behalf of the right of all Americans to marry the person they love.”

Of course, the problem is that Americans don’t have the right to marry just any ol’ person they happen to love. Do I have to provide examples?

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