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Merry Atheistic Nothingness

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This opinion column originally appeared on on 12/15/2012.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Bradley Abramson

For more than half a century, the city of Santa Monica, Calif., allowed local churches to play nativity scenes in one of the city parks during the Christmas season.

However, this practice was stopped after Christmas 2011 when Santa Monica atheist Damon Vix secured a permit to place an atheist display near the nativity scene – for he constructed not a "celebrate atheism" display, but one that disparaged and attacked Christianity.

Thus ended the long history of the City of the Christmas Story, as Santa Monica had come to be known, and thus began the realization of what everyone but atheists already know – namely, that atheism is a nihilistic and dangerous philosophy incapable of making any positive contributions to either individuals or society.

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