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Moral Conflict in the Battle Zone

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Author: SpeakUpChurch

Faith and freedom go hand in hand in America, even within our military where in the Army alone, some 25,000 chaplains have served 25 million soldiers and dependents since the chaplaincy was founded in 1775. Chaplains play a crucial role in providing for service members’ religious needs and broadly teaching values like honor, duty, self-sacrifice, courage, sexual fidelity, and commitment to goals larger than one’s own. For centuries the military and chaplaincy have been aligned in their values. But now, the Obama Administration is pushing the military towards conflict with its own chaplains by demanding that the military endorse homosexual/bisexual behavior and dispense with the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Yet Americans are not quite so ready as the Administration to sever the moral backbone of the military, and are speaking out about this looming conflict, as this article in Indiana’s The Republic makes clear. The article reinforces the concerns already voiced to the Administration by dozens of veteran military chaplains and by ADF attorneys in direct communication to the Pentagon. Please join with these “pastors-in-uniform” and ADF attorneys by supporting them with your prayers and with your voices.

To find more resources about this issue, visit “Faith Under Fire.”

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