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News You Should Know: Brittany Maynard, Saira Blair, 6th Circuit Marriage Decision, and More

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AUTHOR: Alliance Defending Freedom Social Content Editor Emily Conley

It’s back! With the ERLC national conference, the Houston 5, and the Hitching Post pastors in Idaho, the 4 Stories round-up got bumped. But thanks to your positive feedback, I’ll do my best to keep it up going forward.

1. Brittany Maynard

Sadly, Brittany Maynard committed suicide November 1st.If you haven’t heard her story, 29 year-old Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer in January, just a year after getting married. When her doctors told her she only had six months to live, she and her husband moved to Oregon to procure life-ending drugs. In early October, she publicized her decision to commit suicide on November 1in conjunction with an assisted suicide advocacy organization called Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society).

It seemed a couple weeks ago that she might postpone taking her own life, but ultimately she went with the original date. Many people wrote beautiful responses to Brittany that are worth a read, including this woman with terminal cancer’s plea: “Dear Brittany, Why We Don’t Have to Be So Afraid of Dying and Suffering That We Choose Suicide,” and this story, “My Mom Has the Same Brain Cancer Brittany Maynard Had. She’s Fighting to Live As Long As She Can.”

2. March for Life oral arguments

March For Life, the organizer of annual prolife marches in DC since Roe v. Wade, is being forced to pay for abortion pills under the Obamacare mandate. ADF attorney Matt Bowman defended them in the oral arguments Wednesday. Watch the video above for more info on this case, and read our post on it: “3 Reasons March For Life Shouldn’t Be Forced to Pay for Abortion Pills (Besides the Obvious).”

3. Pro-life Teenager Wins Election for Legislature

Saira Blair graduated from high school last May, and November 4th, she beat an incumbent state legislator to become America’s youngest state lawmaker. Her platform is solidly pro-life.

“I believe that life begins at conception, so I consider abortion the act of taking human life,” Saira said. “We should not spend our tax dollars to fund such procedures. I’ve been blessed with life and I believe every child should have that same opportunity.”

4. Pro-life Election Results

According to Lifesite News, in almost every state the Democratic candidate focused on abortion-on-demand, free birth control, the “war against women,” etc., they lost.

Kristan Hawkins of Students For Life summed it up: “Of course it didn’t work. It was insulting and so out-of-touch with what moms, businesswomen, and college students care about … No amount of pretty pink running shoes or T-shirts designed by Hollywood actresses are going to cover up the fact that abortion harms women and takes the life of an innocent preborn child.”

5. 6th Circuit Court Upholds Marriage

Yes, they did. This court upheld the right for states of the people to affirm marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The judges refused to say that the understanding of marriage “shared not long ago by every society in the world, shared by most, if not all, of our ancestors, and shared still today by a significant number of the States” is unconstitutional. They also respected that their authority didn’t include taking “a poll of the three judges on this panel, or for that matter all federal judges, about whether gay marriage is a good idea” or imposing their view of marriage on the thirty-two million citizens who would be affected by their decision (pg 8).

Bottom line: “… the States created an incentive for two people who procreate together to stay together for purposes of rearing offspring. That does not convict the States of irrationality, only of awareness of the biological reality that couples of the same sex do not have children in the same way as couples of opposite sexes and that couples of the same sex do not run the risk of unintended offspring. That explanation, still relevant today, suffices to allow the States to retain authority over an issue they have regulated from the beginning” (pg 21).

For more great quotes from the opinion, visit our media page, and for more info on the state of marriage, check out this resource. One more link: here’s “Five Things You Should Know” about this decision.

What do you think of this week’s stories? Comment below. And as always, recommend stories to me on Twitter at @Emily_ADF.

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