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11/16/12 at 03:04 PM 3 Comments

NYC Churches Back in Court Monday

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence

The ongoing legal battle for equal access of churches to meet in New York City’s public schools returns to court Monday. Currently, churches and other religious groups are meeting in NYC’s vacant schools due to a court injunction Alliance Defending Freedom won last June against NYC’s policy prohibiting worship services from the public schools. Alliance Defending Freedom has been representing a small church, Bronx Household of Faith in this matter since 1995.

On Monday, we will be appearing before a panel of three judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which will be sitting in lower Manhattan. NYC school officials have appealed, arguing that the policy is constitutional, that the appeals court should dissolve the injunction and free them to boot out the churches. Alliance Defending Freedom will be arguing strongly that the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty requires NYC to allow the churches to stay. We ask for your prayers for God’s help and mercy as we go forward in this case.

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