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NYC Pastors Join with NYC Council Members to Repeal Ban on Worship Services in Public Schools

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Author: ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence

Pastor John Starke of All Souls Church has written an excellent blog post describing how his church that meets in a public school on the Upper West Side will be affected if they are forced to move out February 12 after the Supreme Court declined to review the Bronx Household of Faith case. He was one of the pastors and other religious leaders who gathered with a half dozen NYC city councilmembers who are working to repeal the department of education’s policy banning private worship services during nonschool hours.

Pastor Starke includes a photo he took when standing in the audience. I am including several photos of what it looked like from the observer’s perspective looking at the crowd as well as other shots. Mayor Bloomberg walked by our rally and stopped. I hope he realizes that this anti-worship services policy needs to be repealed. The Department of Education is under the mayor’s and city council’s control and direction. I was privileged to speak at the rally. Stay tuned as we will have a video from the rally up on the website soon.

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