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Phoenix Mayor, City Council open women's bathroom for men

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This opinion column originally appeared in on 3/09/2013.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Joseph La Rue

On Feb. 26, the Phoenix City Council passed the so-called "Bathroom Bill," which will allow not only "transgendered" men, but also any man who thinks he is a woman to use many of the same public restrooms that women and young girls use.

The bill, which passed 5-3, is a sterling example of how a mayor and city council can quickly forego their duty to protect women and children in order to win the praise and support of special-interest groups in the community.

While opening the women's bathroom door to "transgendered" individuals and men who claim to be women, the new rules unwittingly provide a sterling opportunity for sexual predators to avail themselves of a target-rich environment.

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