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Planned Parenthood's New Year's Resolution

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Litigation Counsel Catherine Glenn Foster

Planned Parenthood released its latest, 2012 annual report yesterday. Let’s open the cover (featuring its new motto: “Care. No matter what.”), and find out what our nation’s biggest abortionist has to say for itself.

In fiscal year 2011, Planned Parenthood had a very successful year – by killing more babies than ever before. They performed 1,150,589 pregnancy tests, revealing 364,938 pregnancies. Of those babies, 333,964 (92%) were aborted, 28,674 (7.9%) received prenatal care, and 2,300 (0.63%) were referred to other organizations for adoptions. Planned Parenthood is determined to meet its abortion quotas, and 92% of babies don’t make it out of Planned Parenthood alive.

The 333,964 preborn babies killed – 4,519 more than in 2010, and about the same as the entire population of Aurora, Colorado – means that one life was snuffed out every 94 seconds, generating tens of millions of dollars for our nation’s most prolific abortion mill. And every abortion is  yet another opportunity for them to engage in their  nearly $100 million dollars of Medicaid fraud. Planned Parenthood writes that they will “mak[e] the next generation the healthiest ever.” If they continue to get their way, what next generation?

What else did Planned Parenthood do last year?

· More HIV tests than breast exams: 680,807 vs. 639,384. And remember, those aren’t mammograms, folks, just the same manual exam pictured on shower hangtags.

· More STD testing than contraception: 41% vs. 32%.

· 29% fewer cancer and screening services since 2009.

With these numbers, how can Planned Parenthood claim that only three percent of their services are abortion? The trick is in the word “service.” As Planned Parenthood says, a service is “a discrete clinical interaction,” like an exam or an STD test or handing out a pill pack or a condom. That’s why they say that in 2011 they had almost 11 million services for only 3 million patients. When they say that only 3% of their “services” are abortions, that’s only if you count every shrink-wrapped condom as a “service.”

So it was a banner year for Big Abortion. Planned Parenthood reported over $1.5 billion in assets (up from $1.2 billion), and nearly $90 million in profit. They claim that there has been an “outpouring of financial support,” but 45% of their revenue – a record $542.4 million – came from government health services grants and reimbursements. That’s our taxpayer dollars at work. Only 26% of their revenue came from donations, and 26% from paying clients. So we’re subsidizing those 333,964 killings. As Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding goes up, so does their abortion total – and their semi-legitimate health services are going down. We’re riding on a real-life Orient Express, and for the cost of a latte, we’re killing a baby.

But 2012 wasn’t all smooth sailing for them. Planned Parenthood complains about the tough year they had and the so-called “war on women.” They highlight the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s standards that they would not provide grants to organizations under criminal or congressional investigation. Planned Parenthood claims that after Komen introduced these standards, Planned Parenthood “create[d] a new Breast Health Fund” for “diagnostics, staff training, and patient education.” But try calling and asking for a mammogram and see how far you get.

They say they “emerged stronger than ever.” They say their care is “high-quality.” With the millions and millions of dollars they get every year in taxpayer dollars, I would at least expect them to be competent. But they can’t even be bothered to clean their medical instruments, or get a license, or follow the law.

They say that they make sure that “every woman – no matter where she lives… – can get the health care she needs.” But I guess not women in the womb. Or any of the  countless women, like Tonya Reaves, they’ve sent to the emergency room and the morgue after having a supposedly “safe, legal, and rare” abortion. Or kids who are being sexually abused. Or girls who are enslaved in the world of sex trafficking.

So what were Big Abortion’s New Year’s resolutions? Cleaning up their act? Killing fewer innocent human beings? Nope. Rather, they’ve introduced a step-by-step plan to inflict the culture of death on us all, and especially on our most innocent and vulnerable.

First, they are “building capacity.” We’ve seen that in their assembly-line-style abortion megamarts designed to get women in, and get babies out.

Second, they are “recruiting and developing young … leaders.” Yes, affiliates are recruiting teens to “educate” other kids about their “rights” and about how they can secretly get condoms and abortifacients during kids-only clinic hours.

Third, they are “engaging broad and diverse communities to reduce health disparities,” saying they want to build a “diverse new generation.” Well, kindof diverse. With 79% of their clinics in minority communities and a disproportionate number of minority abortions, Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of bleaching our society.

And speaking of diversity, just try to disagree with them. Starting this year, every single Planned Parenthood affiliate is required to perform abortions. Like the Tony Soprano of babies, they don’t take no for an answer. But three affiliates so far have refused to bend to Planned Parenthood’s pressure, and are walking out the door!

Finally, they are trying to “build political will” to fund and “integrate” Planned Parenthood services “into mainstream health care.” You may ask, how do you “mainstream” something that is anything but? Money. Planned Parenthood affiliates spent over $50 million in FY2011 on “public policy,” and Queen Abortion, Cecile Richards herself, took a leave of absence to serve President Obama’s reelection campaign.

But even in the midst of this shadow of death, there shines one ray of light: adoption referrals. In 2010, Planned Parenthood only referred 841 women to an adoption agency. But in FY2011, that number had jumped to 2300.

Now, Planned Parenthood doesn’t refer out for adoption willingly; it’s not a moneymaker for them. One Planned Parenthood insider shared with us that she was actually reprimanded for asking why her clinic was throwing away stacks of letters from couples who wanted to adopt, without giving them a second glance.

But women are more aware every day of the joys of adoption, both for the courageous birth mother and for the loving new parents. And women are asking for adoption referrals. They know that adoption is a healthy, loving alternative to abortion.

1459 more referrals may not seem like a lot. But it means that the percentage of pregnant women whose babies Planned Parenthood aborted dropped from over 98% to 91.5%. It means that Planned Parenthood’s “directive counseling,” coercing women and girls into abortions by any means necessary, is a losing business plan. And make no mistake, it means that TIME magazine was right: Life is winning, and will triumph over this culture of death, stamping out its dying embers.

President Obama and Maggie Gyllenhaal, you can “stand with Planned Parenthood” and with kickbacks for Big Abortion. But as for me and my house, we will stand for Life.

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