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Preaching 'Politics' From the Pulpit

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley

World Magazine just published an article about how a number of pastors are “taking aim at the rule banning political speech in churches.” The article highlights Alliance Defending Freedom’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday, a growing movement of pastors who believe that they have the right to speak freely from their pulpits on the issue of candidates and elections and not be punished by the government if they choose to do so. The article quoted Bishop Aubrey Shines, Senior Pastor of Glory to Glory Ministries in Tampa, Florida:

“We should ignore political parties, and, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., measure [candidates] by the content of their character… Let’s see if they measure up to some standard of morality that we would be comfortable with as believers in Christianity.”

Bishop Shines is exactly right. For the first almost two hundred years of American history, pastors spoke boldly from the pulpit about the moral qualifications of candidates seeking public office. That changed with the passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954. But, as the World article notes, pastors are beginning to push back against this unconstitutional law that threatens their ability to speak freely on the biblical perspective of the candidates seeking office.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday is coming up next year on October 5, 2014. If you are a pastor would you consider being one of the first to sign up for Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2014? You can get more information and sign up at Join the growing movement of pastors across the country courageously standing for the freedom of the pulpit.

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