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Public Schools are Pushing the Transgender Agenda on Our Children

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco

In December, I wrote about how several public school districts had “gone wild” in relation to trampling parental rights and student religious liberties. Well, it is getting worse. Much worse.

In Massachusetts, state officials have adopted rules that, among other things, would allow transgender students to use the restroom and play on the sports team that corresponds to their selected gender, and to punish students who refuse to affirm or support (or even express uncomfortability with) their classmates’ choices.


There are so many problems with these new rules I am not sure where to begin. And it will certainly take more than one blog post to address them all. But lets start here: boys changing clothes in girls’ locker rooms and vice versa? How can this be a good idea? Underage indecent exposure is now a social good? Creating an atmosphere that could result in sexual assaults committed by minors is sound educational policy?

Things are definitely getting out of control. Let’s take a stand. Email, call or, write the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and respectfully voice your concerns.

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