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Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 – A Success by All Accounts

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Author: ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley

Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 was held October 2 and by all accounts was a tremendous success. A total of 539 pastors participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday which was a massive increase from the 100 pastors that participated last year. Pastors participated from 47 states and Puerto Rico and they represented a broad cross-section of denominations and backgrounds. We had churches with average weekend attendance from 13 to 20,000 who participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

Pastors chose the candidates and races to address and the sermons covered everything from city council races to state candidates, to the declared Presidential candidates.

The breadth of participation from such a broad swath of the country and of the church demonstrates that Pulpit Freedom Sunday is becoming a nationwide movement of pastors who are reclaiming their constitutional right to speak freely from the pulpit without fearing any intimidation or censorship by the government. This movement is truly God’s people coming together in this vital moment of our country’s history to make an impact for biblical truth.

The accounts from pastors we have gotten also demonstrate that the congregations are hungry to hear this type of preaching. Here are just a few of the comments we received from participating pastors:

"The response was great. The people loved it and I could tell that they want to be knowledgeable about the candidates and what they believe."

"I could tell that this was a much needed message for a lot of our people. I believe some of that spirit of intimidation was broken over a lot of people."

"My people are used to this, but I received three, enthusiastic, rounds of applause during the message; the people are “getting it,” and they have about had enough of the current climate in this country. We had many at the altar, praying for this country, two came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and we had a powerful time in the Lord."

"I have been a pastor for 18 years, followed the “law” and never mentioned the name of a political candidate from the pulpit. This was for me not just Pulpit Freedom Sunday, but Pulpit Freeing Sunday."

"I got a positive response from both services – most applauded!"

"I had a great response from our Congregation after the sermon and since then, I’ve had very supportive comments. Everyone was grateful for the subject matter and the information I shared as background for the sermon."

"It was a powerful day. Tremendous response from our people."

"I received Amens, applauding, people coming up to me after service and sending emails telling me to keep going and not to apologize. It was interesting because instead of people being offended they were inspired and given clear purpose with a clear stand based on the Word of God."

In all, Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 was an amazing demonstration of the voice of the church united to declare biblical truth. We are well-positioned for our best year yet in 2012. It is not too early to sign up for next year. Pulpit Freedom Sunday will be held October 7, 2012. You can sign up to participate at Let’s stand together in even greater numbers next year to proclaim truth without fearing any intimidation or control.

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