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Schools Already Experience Unintended Consequences of Attempts to Redefine Marriage

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When talking about the consequences of redefining marriage, we rightly focus upon the impact on churches—pastors being forced to perform same-sex “marriage” ceremonies, and churches at risk of losing tax exemptions for preaching against homosexual behavior. But the consequences are not limited to the four corners of the church. Redefining marriage will impact numerous aspects of our culture–notably, our children’s education.

If same-sex “marriage” becomes the law of the land, then we are only fooling ourselves to believe our schools will remain enclaves of neutrality where the issue is not addressed. On the contrary, schools will undoubtedly be required to affirm such “marriages” in their health and family curriculum. Students who oppose such “marriages” on religious grounds will be labeled “intolerant” and forced to undergo “re-education” to help reform their “outdated” way of thinking to the new “normal.”

This is already happening across our country. Earlier this year, an elementary school in Erie, Illinois voted to stop using curriculum called “Ready, Set, Respect!” — produced by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network — after it discovered that several of the books, including one for use in pre-kindergarten classes, celebrate same-sex families. The curriculum was touted as a way to teach about diversity, tolerance, and community values, and GLSEN used it as an opportunity to promote its pro-same-sex “marriage” agenda. But when the school board was informed about the alarming content by a group of parents, it determined that these materials did not reflect community values and that it would find other, more suitable curriculum.

That is how many of these groups operate. They shroud their agenda in words like “tolerance” and “diversity” while imposing their radical ideology on impressionable children. But it is not just limited to school curriculum. When a group of parents at Evergreen State College in Washington objected to a man claiming to be a woman and using the women’s locker room while young girls were changing after a swimming competition, they were told the college had to allow it because of state diversity laws! How dare these parents question this man’s “rights” in order to protect their children?

Christians can no longer blindly turn their children over to the public schools and hope for the best. Churches must take a stand against the efforts to impose the homosexual agenda in our schools and encourage the families in their congregation to do likewise. And it starts with being informed—getting involved in our schools, boards, and PTAs so we know what is being taught. If those parents in Erie, Illinois had not been informed enough to voice their concerns over the pro-homosexual materials being taught, then the curriculum would likely still be taught to their children. We have a biblical mandate to “train up our children in the way they should go.” And to fulfill that calling, we must be willing to stand up against efforts to impose the radical, harmful pro-homosexual ideology in our schools.

Be sure parents in your congregation are well aware of the freedoms their child ought to have in public school. Parents can download our free Student Rights Handbook by visiting

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