What is going on at the University of Buffalo? And what is the pro-life community doing about it?

This week, a pro-abortion professor went berserk on campus, railing at police officers and pro-life students until she was dragged away in handcuffs. She claimed that their pro-life display was “profane” and that the images were “swearing” to her. As she screamed at the students, she yelled, “Where does it say I can’t use the f*** word in public. I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary.” Apparently that was the most logical argument she could muster to combat the growing culture of life.

Other fringe professors wrote to “condemn” the pro-life display, calling it “crass.” They proceeded to equate pro-life students to a lynch mob, apparently missing the irony of labeling as murderers the students least likely to engage in murder.

Pro-abortion protesters accused pro-life students of hate speech and terrorism. They plastered up signs with the face of the University of Buffalo Students for Life (UBSFL) president, and the words “Indecency. Ignorance. Intolerance.” One protestor even told him that he “should have been the preborn baby on the board, decimated.”

Appalling, yes. But this is just the latest chapter in the publicly funded University of Buffalo’s dubious track record when it comes to protecting the First Amendment rights of pro-life students.

It took them ten months to finally grant the University of Buffalo Students for Life (UBSFL) group preliminary club status.

In May 2011, UBSFL’s Cemetery of the Innocents Display of crosses was vandalized – once, and again, and again. Each time, the crosses were pulled up, and crude messages such as “LOL Babies” were scrawled alongside.

In October 2011, another Innocents Display on the University of Buffalo campus was ripped apart by pro-abortion vandals. Arrests were made, but the next day a mob of angry women tore the crosses up yet again.

And in 2012, the UB Amnesty International chapter excluded pro-life students from a human rights event.

What would happen if pro-life students even thought about using the language hurled their way by grown-ups who are supposed to be educating them?

As Paul Ryan recently declared, “Yes, our side is held to a higher standard. But we’ve bound ourselves to a higher standard. The right to life is a higher standard. And it’s one we should be proud of.”

And so, pro-life students and adults will not “sing a little louder” to drown out the cries of the oppressed. We will not be afraid to speak truth to power. We will not be cowed into submission by the rantings of an Ivory Tower, pro-abortion professor.

We will shed light on the dirty secrets and atrocities of abortion businesses nationwide. “We are winning the debate on inclusion and the Right to Life.” We are the pro-life generation. And we will lift our voices with the truth.

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