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The Problem with Speech Codes: The Video Version

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Litigation Staff Counsel Travis Barham

On this blog, university speech codes and the evils associated with them are a frequent topic. Our website outlines many the ways that these policies violate the First Amendment, and God has repeatedly blessed our efforts to eliminate these restrictions on free speech with success. Not only have federal courts struck down these speech codes in places like California, Washington, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, but our victories even have also impacted other governmental bodies.

But our friends at FIRE recently unveiled a new way of illustrating the problems with speech codes—a video replete with whiteboard illustrations. Lasting just over five minutes, Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate outlines the prevalence of speech codes (over 65% of universities have them) and gives examples of the absurd and biased way these speech codes are enforced to silence conservative students. It also discusses the long-term harms that speech codes produce. Not only do they eliminate the freedom of students to hold and articulate unpopular views, but the speech code mentality has also at times leeched out into society at large, cutting off debate and polarizing our civil discourse.

How do they cover all this material in five minutes? Well, you will have to watch this entertaining and informative video to find out. Afterwards, contact us to see if your college or university is among the 65%

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