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Wanted: Bold Pastors to Preach Without Fear

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Author: Engage Family Minute Blog Editor Nathan A. Cherry

“I just spent several days with Pastor Jim Garlow of the Skyline Wesleyan Church at a conference we both attended in Naples, Florida. It takes mere minutes to figure out that Pastor Garlow is a passionate preacher of God’s Word, boldly sharing the message of Jesus with anyone that will listen. It takes just another minute to conclude that Pastor Garlow loves America and refuses to see it fundamentally altered into an oppressive tyranny akin to other nations around the world. And to this end Pastor Garlow plans to preach a message that is typically viewed as “off limits” by the IRS. Further, Garlow will record it and send it to the IRS.

It’s all part of Pulpit Freedom Sunday, a day of speaking up to defy unconstitutional speech limitations the IRS and government try to bully pastor’s with in order to keep them silent (ironic for a group that wants to pass “anti-bullying” legislation). Come Sunday, Oct 7 Pastor Garlow an hundreds, perhaps thousands of other pastor’s will say “enough is enough” and preach biblically based messages on social issues like marriage, family, abortion, and religious freedom.”

Since the adoption of the “Johnson Amendment” in 1954 churches…..Read the rest at

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