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11/28/12 at 10:15 AM 1 Comments

Why the Battle for Marriage Must Go On

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This opinion column originally appeared on on 11/28/2012.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO, and General Counsel Alan Sears

In the wake of the U.S. elections, the onslaught of war in the Middle East, and the seemingly endless attacks on the family both here and abroad, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And if we’re not careful, it’s then easy to adopt a posture of indifference and give up the fight.

Yet in the darkest hour, or what appears to be the darkest hour, it’s remarkable how God sends a reminder that all is not lost, that evil will not triumph, and that the family is still revered.

This was seen over the weekend as hundreds of thousands of people rallied in France to support marriage in the face of a pending redefinition of it. They were also standing up for keeping the best environment for a child the number one priority for adoption, rather than change adoption laws to place children with same-sex couples for purely political reasons.

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