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Will We Ever Be Able to Restore Sanity to Our Higher Education System?

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel David Cortman

Each time I read an article on what is happening at our tax funded universities, I wonder if I am the only one who thinks many in our public education system have simply gone crazy. Now, I realize that is an oversimplification and likely an unfair generalization, but in all fairness to myself, it was qualified by the word “many.” So to those of you who have not yet fallen over the “crazy cliff,” thank you.

Here is what I am talking about. As I came to work this morning, I started reading the various websites related to college happenings. Within the first few minutes, I came across a blog on Campus discussing how the University of California-Merced hosted an event on how to properly use sex toys. “Is there a Buzz in your Bed?” was the clever title. For those of you who may immediately react by saying what a waste of time and money this was, consider the possible importance of this educational endeavor. You don’t want your kids using sex toys improperly, do you? After all, isn’t this one of the reasons we spend tens of thousands of dollars to send our children to college so that they get a good education to prepare them for their careers?

As if that wasn’t ridiculousness enough in and of itself, let’s compare that for a minute to another funding issue in the California University system. As part of the benefits of being a recognized student group on campus, along with use of rooms for meetings, ability to host events, etc., there is funding available to promote your particular group. There are hundreds of student groups in the university system, many receiving such funding. But guess which student groups categorically cannot receive any of the funding? Religious student groups who dare insist that their leaders abide by Biblical standards of conduct and be…wait for it…religious.

That’s right. Our educators have decided that while they’ll enthusiastically approve funding for the proper use of sex toys, they will not approve funding for religious groups that want to be, well, religious.

Is it just me?

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