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2 Examples how America’s Definition of Family is Changing

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The definition of family seems to be changing with our rapidly changing times.

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1) The Poly Family

In our society, even the Christian kids are believing that two moms; two dads; or a “poly family” are as legitimate as the traditional family of one man and one woman.

Terms like “family” and “marriage” are being grossly redefined in our post-modern world.

A decade or so ago, gay marriage would have been thought of as an oxymoron—as were poly families.

This is producing a slippery slope where “anything goes.”

Please discuss with your children the importance of a proper view of family. Our future depends on it.

2) Blended Families

Large numbers of blended families are a result of high divorce rates. We continue to mess with and complicate God’s ecosystem. Family problems will thus continue to be more and more complicated.

Scripture gives us many examples of blended family complexities. But, it also shows us God’s mercy and ability to extract beauty from ashes.

A tip for a blended family’s success is for husbands and wives to make it clear to their kids that they are united. This means that if a step-parent lays down the law, the biological parent backs them up. This breeds love, security and respect.

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, a Christ-centered therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited boarding school for troubled teenagers. He is the Host of the "License to Parent with Trace Embry Radio Program." He is also a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at “Insight for Today's Culture with Trace Embry."

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