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2 Ways to Turn Your Home Around

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Our world is busy. Our homes are busy. It’s easy for us as parents to get caught up in our important tasks. However, sometimes we overlook the fundamentals. Today, I’d like to outline two things that you can address to turn your home around.

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Tell Your Teen No

First, learn to tell your child “no.” Too many parents are afraid of losing the approval or favor of their child by saying “no.” For as long as I’ve worked with troubled teens I’ve learned that virtually no child really hates their parent for saying “no” – even when they tell them they do.

Children are very good at over-reacting and making emotional statements. Even teens have several years left to fully develop emotionally.

Stick to what you know is right, address disrespect with discipline. Continue despite your teen’s reaction to the word no. Even while your teen is saying “I hate you” their spirit is loving and respecting you deeper.

Remove the Junk in Your Home

It’s astounding how many Christian homes feature MTV, VH1, BET and the like as entertainment staples. It is little wonder our teens struggle with the very same temptations plaguing those of the world.

No, these programs aren’t the only issues we find in the home, but they are one element of a larger problem. But to justify a “minor” issue based on larger issues is like doing a Bible study in a strip club. Our standard should not be other worldly elements, but each should be challenged by Scripture.

Truth is; Christian kids, and parents alike, have been seduced down the slippery slope of desensitization—unaware of the consequences. Let’s wake up!

Conversation Starter: Can you think of any other important matters that could help turn your family around?

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, a Christ-centered therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited boarding school for troubled teenagers. He is the Host of the "License to Parent with Trace Embry Radio Program." He is also a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at

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