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Posted 3/22/16 at 9:09 PM | Trace Embry

On Matters of Entitlement and Brainwashing

Entitlement is prevalent in a generation that seems to be content with narcism.

What can parents do?

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A Brief Analogy to Highlight the Point

A policeman can tell during a routine traffic stop which adults were properly trained to deal with disappointment as a child.

It was hard to watch a 40 year-old man cry and pitch a hissy-fit in front of his family over a $50.00 traffic ticket.

On the other hand, another traffic violator may apologize, humbly sign the ticket and move on.

It’s OK to disappoint our children once in a while by not buying them this or allowing them that. It helps develop their character.

Facing the Opposition to Simplistic Biblical Principles or Brainwashing

We live in a world today that is hostile to anything Christian. Breaking your kids entitlement habits may be seen as “brainwashing.” FULL POST

Posted 3/13/16 at 2:02 PM | Trace Embry

How to Master the Art of Pushing the Antithesis

Shepherds Hill Academy presents that the “logic” of postmodernism simply isn’t logical.

Each year we serve families from all walks of life. While most families claim to be Christian, the teens have been heavily influenced by a postmodern culture.

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What is Postmodernism

If you are not familiar with postmodernism, you can check out some of our resources below:

An Example of Pushing the Antithesis

You should familiarize yourself with the concept of pushing the antithesis because you may face similar reasoning from your teen. FULL POST

Posted 3/7/16 at 6:10 PM | Trace Embry

2 Parenting Points You May be Overlooking

Many parents overlook these important parenting points.

Wisdom is Not the Same as Knowledge

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your child gets good grades that he’s necessarily on the golden pathway to success.

Even teens with high IQ’s can still struggle in the action and consequence part of their thinking process.

Knowledge and intelligence doesn’t always equate to wisdom. The Internet can make anyone look knowledgeable; however, wisdom is in the everyday application of that knowledge and intelligence.

Knowledge and intelligence requires no moral component. Wisdom, however, is all about morals. Parents, campout with your kids in Proverbs and put a premium on wisdom.

Your Teen May Have a Dark Side

Many of us don’t think our kids have a dark side at all. Keep in mind that 80% of today’s kids cheat. FULL POST

Posted 2/23/16 at 5:59 PM | Trace Embry

3 Solutions to Negative Cultural Influences

Today’s culture tends to negatively influence our teens. Here are three practical solutions.

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What Your Teen Wears

How your teen dresses is important. An example, is paying more for name brands.

I know a young man who once boasted about all the money he had in his car’s fancy wheels and expensive sound system; yet, the car itself would barely run!

Like this car, how far will style, alone, take our kids? Let’s teach our kids the value of a substantive life and being good stewards of their God-given resources. Believe it or not, this will be invaluable to their future employers, neighbors, customers, and families.

Who Your Teen Dates

Is it wise to allow our teens to be alone in a car with the opposite sex? Allowing a teen boy and girl in the same car together, alone, is a bad idea. FULL POST

Posted 2/8/16 at 8:41 PM | Trace Embry

Do You Overlook These Two Critical Areas in Parenting?

There are critical areas in parenting that many overlook. Be sure you are not making the same mistake

Critical Area No. 1 – Set High Standards

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Where do your family’s standards come from?

These are educational, familial, relational, and moral standards. As successful parents, this should be a high priority. Unfortunately, many fail to consider the importance of adopting standards that transcend cultural norms.

Consequently, they often suffer. Divorce, unwanted pregnancy, addiction, domestic violence, STD’s, and abortion can occur when we fail to adhere to proper standards.

These standards are found in the Bible–not always in culture or government. Let’s commit to Scripture for our family’s guide and standard by which to live. FULL POST

Posted 2/2/16 at 9:56 PM | Trace Embry

3 Unique Parenting Questions

Today, I want to provide you with answers that we have discussed at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) and on License to Parent.

Should I Yell at My Teen?

Yelling damages our kid’s self-esteem. Yelling typically occurs when we are “out of control” or at least appear to be. This leaves our child without a sense of security.Being a chronic yeller will make your parenting experience miserable. Yelling renders you weak and disrespected in their eyes. It also succeeds at embarrassing you. Believe it or not, your teen wants action.

Do your best to keep Christ at the forefront of your mind and set appropriate boundaries. When the boundaries are crossed, calmly implement the consequence or warning for a first offense, and go on about your day.

What Will Keep My Child Out of a Gang?

Everyone needs a sense of belonging. Our kids are no exception. One reason gangs are so popular is the sense of belonging and purpose. FULL POST

Posted 1/19/16 at 5:10 PM | Trace Embry

3 Things Every Parent Must Do

In today’s culture there are three things every parent must do.

If parents begin implementing strategies to improve in these three areas, it is possible to begin seeing improvements within your home.

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Parents Must Address Basic Manners

Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, Sir, Ma’am, and many other terms all have a subconscious effect on our kids. It brings a recognition of the importance of someone other than themselves.

In a day of entitlement, teaching our kids manners from an early age will do much to make your parenting experience a better one.

Parents Must Teach Delayed Gratification

While shopping with your family, has your child, or teen, ever asked you for an item that he just couldn’t leave the store without? FULL POST

Posted 1/11/16 at 5:35 PM | Trace Embry

The New Disorder Known as “ATD”

We know that too many kids are quick to be labeled with ADD, ADHD, ODD, and a myriad of other “DD’s” by the mental health and child care profession today.

But, not too many people are talking about the new disorder known as ATD.

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What is ATD?

ATD represents the American Teenager Disorder. While this is a bit tongue in cheek, this “disorder” encompasses entitlement and any other vice that teens are struggling with today.

Kids are suffering from entitlement and many parents have no idea that they are spoiling their kids!

Parents Underestimate the Effects of Entitlement

If a family makes more than $35,000 a year they live in the upper one percent compared to the rest of the world.

Yet our teens struggle with issues that other parts of the world’s kids do not, such as: FULL POST

Posted 1/4/16 at 7:15 PM | Trace Embry

6 Resources to Strengthen Your Family

Today’s culture may seem like a daunting challenge. We seek to be a solution.

Challenges Christians Face

Picture Provided By Kaleb Fulgham

Today, we can’t talk about parenting without mentioning our culture.

This is because parents, aware of it or not, are competing with the culture.

Parental influence has been undermined.

Consider these cultural influences vying for the hearts, minds, worldview, and even the loyalty of our kids:

  •       Media
  •       Entertainment industry
  •       Public school system
  •       Doctors and Psychologists

How can you navigate the difficulties presented by today’s culture? FULL POST

Posted 12/29/15 at 8:58 PM | Trace Embry

Help for Families with Special Needs

One topic we rarely discuss, is parenting help for special needs children.

Virtually everyone knows a family with special needs. But, how many churches are equipped to minister specifically to those with special needs?

Picture Provided By: Christiana Care

Challenges Christians Face

With over 50 million people in the U.S. with disabilities, why aren’t more churches equipped to minister to the handicapped?

Below are just are few reasons why:

  • Pastors are not informed
  • People assume “others are taking care of it”
  • Sadly, some Christians don’t want to deal with the challenges
  • People tend to face apathy and fear

Help for Families with Special Needs

Churches looking for help in creating a ministry for special needs families can get connected with P.U.R.E. Ministries. FULL POST

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