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Posted 12/21/15 at 7:37 PM | Trace Embry

License to Parent Store

The team at License to Parent is thrilled to introduce the License to Parent Store!

Here is why License to Parent has a store, and the difference you can make by purchasing from it.

Trusted Material for Practical Parenting

You will have access to some of my recommended material.

These include books, DVDs, and studies I personally recommend that will directly address the cultural challenges parents are facing.

Your Purchase Will Help Transform a Culture

100% of profits made go straight to Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA). Through your purchase, you are directly helping SHA transform today’s culture. Here’s how: FULL POST

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A Guide to My Posts that Address Self Injurious Behaviors

Understanding Self Injurious Behavior (SIB)

These posts will provide you with the basic understanding of teen’s struggles with cutting, or self-injurious behaviors:

Picture Provided By: Luis Roca

Solutions for Self-Injurious Behavior

Other Index Posts FULL POST

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Shepherds Hill Academy Helped by License to Parent Proceeds

First, I’d like to give an overview of how License to Parent is making a difference.

License to Parent Brings First Hand Experience From the Front Lines

Our mission is to bring hope and healing to families in crisis through God’s Truth for the purpose of cultural transformation.

This “stuff” isn’t new. In fact, it’s quite old. Times certainly change, but God’s principles for living life and raising kids remain the same.

Kids and adults alike are starving for the Truth today, and that’s what License to Parent has to offer.

The Team Understands the Times

Twice a month, I leave my post at the teen healing capitol of the world, Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), to record the License to Parent broadcast from high atop a horse pasture located on the SHA campus. FULL POST

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4 Effects of Anhedonia

In today’s culture we live in a techno-centered world.

This means that we are susceptible to anhedonia. It is effecting virtually every aspect of the American Christian home. Here are four effects of anhedonia:

Picture Provided By Matthew G

1) The Negative Effect on our Health

The amount of technology and entertainment affects the pleasure centers of the brain.

Dr. Archibald Hart states that 80% of Americans have anhedonia. This may sound hopeless, but a therapeutic make-over (rather than medication) is possible.

At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, I get to see it first-hand. We know from science and experience that outside stimuli changes body and brain chemistry.

Stimulating a kid with the love, training, nurture, discipline, and truth of God’s Word, Will, and Way; over time, transforms a teen. We see it regularly. This is why so many kids who come to Shepherds Hill Academy on bushel loads of medication are able to leave medication-free at the end of a year. FULL POST

Posted 11/17/15 at 2:25 PM | Trace Embry

3 Things You Must Do Today

Implementing these three strategies will improve your home life.

1) Manners Must be Addressed

Picture Provided By kidchen915

Expressions like: Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, Sir, Ma’am, and many other terms, all have a subconscious effect on our kids. It brings a recognition and importance to others.

In a day of entitlement, teaching our kids manners from an early age will greatly improve your parenting experience.

2) Kids Must Learn to Delay Gratification

While shopping, has your teen ever asked you for something he just couldn’t live without?

He needed it now or else life would be over.

Before immediately buying it to keep the peace, or just giving him a flat out “no” – challenge your teen by asking him how important having that particular item today actually is. FULL POST

Posted 11/8/15 at 6:57 PM | Trace Embry

Anhedonia Index: Quick Access to My Anhedonia Posts

I wanted to provide you with an Anhedonia Index post. Many parents may not be aware of anhedonia and its effects on their family. Today’s post will provide you quick access to all my anhedonia posts and resources.

Understanding Anhedonia

Picture Provided By barité Videojuegos

Discover a basic understanding of anhedonia:

What is Anhedonia:  A brief introduction

Understanding Anhedonia: How to define it in Today’s Culture:  In order to address anhedonia in your children, you must be able to identify it.

Anhedonia: An American Epidemic [Video]:  America’s digital consumerism can lead to an American anhedonia epidemic.

The Problems with Anhedonia

The posts below are a quick education on anhedonia and its effects on you, your family, and the church: FULL POST

Posted 11/1/15 at 7:01 PM | Trace Embry

2 Results of No Discipline in the Home

When it comes to parenting, discipline and spanking quickly spark controversy. The results of no discipline within the home is due to permissive parenting and fear.

Spanking is a Bad Word

Picture Provided By mikkashar

Today’s culture tends to present extreme opposition to discipline.

Defending spanking as a disciplinary option is seen as abusive by many today.

Progressive Non-Thinking Produces

The problem is not their “progressive” thinking.

Jesus would have been considered a progressive thinker in His day. The parenting problem is in non-thinking.

Is it not hypocritical to refer to loving discipline as abuse while being tolerant of permissive ideologies with a track record of problems? FULL POST

Posted 10/25/15 at 1:20 PM | Trace Embry

Boundary Development Index: How to Develop Boundaries in the Home

Boundary development is key to the success of any family.

This post is a special collection of the various articles I’ve written on how to develop boundaries. My hope is that it will be a useful resource for you to refer to when developing boundaries within your home.

Picture Provided By Joshua Hilgart-Roy

Understanding the Need for Boundaries

The posts below explain the need for boundaries in a teen’s life:

Understanding Why Teens Want Boundaries - Did you know that your teen wants boundaries? This post will help you familiarize yourself with how your teen not only needs boundaries, but wants them.

2 Results of Boundaries Not Being Present - What happens in a home if boundaries are not present?
Answer: A decline of parental authority in the home. This post will provide you with insight into the challenges parents will face if they do not have boundaries for their children. FULL POST

Posted 10/16/15 at 10:57 AM | Trace Embry

1 Step to Practically Applying Biblical Principles in Your Home

Today, parents often find it difficult to find hope in using Scripture at home.

But there is hope. Despite cultural claims to the contrary, properly applying biblical principles remains an effective way to raise your kids.

Picture Provided By Olga Caprotti

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) was founded and operates daily by practically applying biblical principles through its Authoritative Community Environment model. Shepherds Hill Academy serves troubled teens between the ages of 12 and 17. In addition, through our Parent Workshops, Parent Conferences, and other family therapeutic activities, we help the entire family grow.

Christian Apologetics Increase Knowledge of Truth

SHA places an emphasis on Christian apologetics. Apologetics help teens logically think through the tough questions of scripture. FULL POST

Posted 10/13/15 at 6:36 PM | Trace Embry

What You Need to Know about Anhedonia

When do people—especially teenagers—take time to contemplate the deeper issues of life?

Studies show they don’t. In fact, many can’t! Let's find out why!

Picture Provided by Amattox Mattox

The Need for Boundaries

Today’s teens may not be biologically able to think constructively on the deeper issues of life. The reason; anhedonia.

In his book, Thrilled to Death, Dr. Archibald Hart claims 80% of the American public suffers with anhedonia. I would say, in the teenage population, it is virtually one hundred percent! It is just a matter as to what degree.

Technology Then

At the turn of the 20th century, technological advances forced parents to deal with new FULL POST

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