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The Secret to Your Daughter’s Success – Become a Good Spouse

Tue, May. 24, 2016 Posted: 11:53 AM

Today’s culture excels at objectifying young women.

How can you help your daughter succeed? Become a good spouse to your mate.

Dad’s, have you hugged your little girl today? Have you hugged your teenage girl?

There’s a natural yearning in every female, no matter the age, to want the approval and adoration of her Daddy.

Dad, you’re the first male to ever kiss your daughter—to hug her, and squeeze her, and tell her how much you love her. It’s nearly impossible to give her too much affection. And she’ll never be too old for it.

The more you appropriately hug and kiss your daughter, the less likely she’ll crave inappropriate affection from another source.

Become a Good Spouse

Dad must do more than show affection, but should also set a practical example of how to properly treat a woman. There is no better way to display this than to become a good spouse to your wife.

We often mistakenly think that loving our spouse isn’t a direct interaction with our children so it couldn’t possibly be contributing to their success.

When your daughter or son sees dad and mom serving one another and acting in unison in everything, it not only glorifies God; but, it gives a sense of security and contentment in your kids that spawns trust and respect.

Conversation Starter: What are some other examples that can set your daughter up for success?

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, a Christ-centered therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited boarding school for troubled teenagers. He is the Host of the "License to Parent with Trace Embry Radio Program." He is also a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at “Insight for Today's Culture with Trace Embry."

Trace Embry