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Why Now is the Time to Create a Safe Environment

Tue, May. 10, 2016 Posted: 07:25 PM

The 21st century has produced opportunities for kids to be entertained around the clock.

Christian parents need to set firm boundaries to create a safe environment.

Science is confirming that much of our kids’ behavioral problems could actually stem from a glut of digital stimuli. Many unsuspecting parents are grateful that Junior isn’t out causing trouble.

Yet, these same parents are missing the brain damage taking place.

Monitoring and limiting digital technology is a must. However, in today’s culture this may be more of a sacrifice on your part.

How to be Confident After you Create Safe Environment

To create a safe environment you will need to set boundaries to prevent media from causing harm to your family.

This means you need to make decisions that most of today’s culture won’t understand.

As a result, you may find yourself defending the safe environment you created to your kids, your kid’s friends, your friends, and your church community.

It’s easy to have your parenting bar of expectations lowered by others, through peer pressure, when you’re using Scripture as your moral compass.

Don’t let objections and pressures like these taint your convictions. If you’re labeled a stubborn, religious zealot for implementing boundaries that help keep you and your kids in league with the will of God, consider it all joy.

Conversation Starter: In addition to boundaries with media, what are some other important boundaries you can set?

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, a Christ-centered therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited boarding school for troubled teenagers. He is the Host of the "License to Parent with Trace Embry Radio Program." He is also a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at “Insight for Today's Culture with Trace Embry."

Trace Embry