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Why Permissiveness is More Dangerous than Spanking

Tue, Jun. 28, 2016 Posted: 10:16 PM

In today’s culture spanking is a controversial topic. Many parents avoid spanking. In turn, they
become guilty of permissiveness.
Is it possible that permissiveness is more dangerous than spanking?

We’ve become a politically correct society where spanking is often seen as child abuse.
Granted, spanking certainly can be with the wrong motives.
However, permissiveness can also turn to abuse. There’s a fine line between being permissive
and neglect. Both lead to damaging consequences.
Just look around. You will see some of the psychological, emotional and physical problems
facing our children.
Psych-wards today are bring flooded with teens who self-mutilate, overdose on drugs and
attempt suicide. In fact, America now leads the world in teen suicide.
It seems that the more we separate our families from proper discipline, our teens are left with
the consequences.
Conversation Starter: Spanking is a weighty subject in today’s culture. We’d love to hear your
feedback on this thought.

Trace Embry is the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, a Christ-centered
therapeutic residential program, as well as a private accredited boarding school for troubled
teenagers. He is the Host of the "License to Parent with Trace Embry Radio Program." He is also
a public speaker, and teaches parenting classes. Visit his parenting blog at “Insight for Today's
Culture with Trace Embry."

Trace Embry