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Fervent and Frequent Prayer (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 28)

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Psalm 55:16 (NLT)
But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me.

When was the last time you called on God? Was it when you were in trouble? Or was it when you had a difficult, life-altering decision to make and used Him as a last resort? How long ago? Weeks? Months? Years? Did He answer? Did you receive a solution to your problem or a comfort for your grief or instructions to follow on your decision? Did you continue to call on God after He answered?

David here reminds us of how important it is to be fervent and frequent in prayer. He called on God with earnestness when he was in trouble and when he was not. When David asked God for guidance, deliverance, or help in His hour of need, God gave it to him. And this is why David continued to pour his heart out to God throughout his life. God is never more close to us than we allow Him to be.

When we pray with sincerity and with our hearts set rightly before God, He will hear us and answer us. We don’t always have to be in trouble to pray. It is the constant and consistent acknowledgement of God’s glory, goodness, and grace that makes God happy. He is willing to help when we are in trouble and He relishes in simple praise.

Our perception of certain situations changes when trouble sees the wheels of prayer turning. Make it your daily practice to meet God. At whatever stage you are in life, take time to talk to Him, to tell Him about your needs and wants, for He already knows. When we seek to have a real relationship with God, we come boldly to the throne of grace and know with assurance that God will answer.

“Prayer is not conquering God’s reluctance, but taking hold of God’s willingness.”
— Phillips Brooks

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