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5 Things Parents Should Teach Teens About Car Safety

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Parents want to keep their children safe, but they can’t always stop them from doing dangerous things. This is why driver’s licenses present such an issue. You want to say no, but you also can’t keep them young forever. Thankfully, you can help ease this milestone by teaching your children about vehicle safety.

You won’t be able to control everything your teens do when they drive, but you can teach them about the importance of safety. Overall, you should strive to lead by example and pass along valuable lessons.

On that note, here are some lessons to consider teaching your teens in the near future:

1. Locking the Door Upon Entering

Did you know you should lock your doors immediately upon entering your vehicle? If your teen hasn’t been taught this, or hasn’t seen you lock your doors consistently, then they probably won’t do so either. Teach them to lock their doors, as this could ensure their safety when pulling out of a dark parking lot or stopping at a red light.

2. Driving a Safe Vehicle

You may provide your teen with their first car, but they’ll purchase another one eventually. They probably don’t care what you consider to be a good color, make, or model, but you should teach them how to buy a safe car. Top safety features include an anti-lock brake system, electronic stability control, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, and side impact airbags. These will help them better control the vehicle and offer protection in the event of an accident.

3. Eliminating Distractions

Make sure your teens know that if they don’t put down their phones and stop fiddling with the radio while they drive, they could be seriously injured or worse. Teenagers tend to think of themselves as invincible, but if you gently explain the risks of not focusing on the road, they may decide to quit this dangerous habit.

Avoid lectures and shoot for a discussion-style conversation. This way, they’ll feel like you’re explaining out of love rather than spite. Additionally, if you begin these conversations when your children are young, it’ll be easier to continue having them as they get older.

4. Staying Calm

You need to show that you’re confident in your teen’s driving skills, even if it scares you. If you react every time they speed up too fast or hit the brakes too hard, you’ll cause them to lose confidence in their own driving abilities. Insecure drivers can be very dangerous, particularly in high traffic situations.

Instead of yelling and stressing as your teens learn to drive, try your best to speak calmly. They’ll respond much better to quiet comments than harsh words.

5. Respecting Speed Limits

There’s something about being young and learning to drive that comes with an insatiable need for speed. Even as they grow, they’ll still feel the urge to push their limits. You might not be able to stop the occasional speeding ticket, but you can help them see the importance of following the rules and keeping themselves safe.

Again, teaching your children young and operating by example will result in a safer driving experience for the rest of their lives.

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