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7 Best Things to Do in Vatican City

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­With the size even smaller than some of the world’s leading Cities, Vatican City is the World’s Smallest Country since 1929. It is smallest in both area with size of about 44 hectares and Population less than 1000 people.

Vatican City is the home of Catholic Pope from 14th Century. It is the world’s centre of Catholicism. The Pope is also head of the state.

It is a country which has a rich history, culture, arts and religion. Every year Vatican City attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. It is also included among the UNESCO heritage sites due to its marvel history and arts.

If you are planning to visit the beautiful small country, know what to do when you are in Vatican City:

1. Saint Peter’s Basilica- It was built between the 16th century and 18th centuries replacing the old structure where St. Peter was buried. Beautiful work by different artists can be seen even before you have put your step into church like statue of Constantine by Bernini and mosaic by Giotto. With masterpieces like Pieta by Michelangelo and captivating chapel of Sacrament. You get lost into the art and history.

2. Vatican Gardens- Decorated by the Fountains and Beautiful Sculptures are the Vatican Gardens which cover more than half of the state with approximately 23 hectares of area. It occupies the maximum part of the Vatican Hills. These gardens were established during Renaissance and Baroque Era.

3. Sistine Chapel- It was built by Pope Sixtus IV between years 1473-84. The election of the new Pope is also done here. The walls contain various scenes of the Old Testament and New Testament. The Ceilings were painted by Michelangelo some of which was later restored from 1980 to 1994. Some of the finest art work by Michelangelo and in the world can be seen all around in the chapel.

4. Vatican Museums- They are the results of art love of Popes Clement XIV and Pius VI from 1769 to 1799 who designed the systematic arrangements with the world’s largest collection of the Ancient Sculptures. These galleries nurture enumerable highlights which will just mesmerize you.

5. Saint Peter’s Square- It is situated in front of the Saint Peter’s Basilica. Every year it witnesses thousand of faithful gather in this large 372 meters long oval area. At its one end there are 140 statues of different saints. It’s a centre point facing the facade of the basilica, from whose central balcony the Pope delivers his blessings and announces beatifications and canonizations. Even the name of the new elected Pope is declared by the senior member of the College of Cardinals.

6. Vatican Library- It is a treasure house of valuable beautiful hand-illuminated Gospels, Biblical codices, early printed books, parchment manuscripts, and ancient scrolls and papyri kept in its 70 meter hall which was built by Domenico Fontana. The library has recently also expanded its collection of pontifical coins and medals.

7. Egyptian Museum- Vatican City has preserved the history of Egyptian arts in its 9 rooms starting from third millennium to sixth century BC. The Museum contains arts from Ancient Mesopotamia, Reliefs from Assyrian Palaces, Mummified Heads, Sculptures of Gods and Pharaohs, and Vases from Syria.

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