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7 Valentines Day Flowers Other Than Roses To Make Her Fall For You

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When words fall short to describe your love and feelings for the person you love, flowers serve your purpose. Since Valentine’s day is the best time to express your love for the girl you love incessantly, are you ready with a bouquet of flowers? Well, if you want to make a special gesture towards your girlfriend this Valentine’s day then, surprise her with something new that she has never received from you. This time, give her a beautiful flower arrangement that doesn’t contain roses. Instead, check out these seven Valentine’s day flowers that will make her feel special:

These beautiful blooms are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. Available in a multitude of different colors these flowers symbolizes love, fascination, and admiration in a relationship. During the Victorian age, bouquet of carnations were often sent to lovers with a secret message hidden in it. Thus, this flower become one of the perfect Valentines day flowers to convey your feelings to the girl you have been secretly in love with.

These elegant blooms are simple in appearance but can leave the most lasting impression in your lover’s heart. Usually Tulips symbolize new beginnings. And, since Valentine’s day is the perfect time to begin your love story with the girl you love, a beautiful bouquet of Tulips will easier your work. These flowers come in a rainbow of colors and if you are giving red Tulips to a girl, you are declaring your love for that girl.

Truly a romantic choice of flowers to make your girl say ‘yes’ on Valentine’s day. Yes, a beautiful bouquet of exotic Orchids symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and strength. So, surprising your girl with a bouquet of Orchids will not only infuse more love into your relationship but also make your bond stronger with your girlfriend. Orchids are also long-lasting flowers that symbolize a long-lasting bond in a relationship.

Gerbera daisies
If the girl you love is cheerful then, nothing other than a bouquet of Gerbera daisies can bring a thousand watt smile on her face with Valentine’s Day gifts. Yes, these beautiful and attracted flowers are the fifth most popular flowers in the world. While Gerbera daisies mean innocence, cheerfulness, and purity, the red Gerbera daisies symbolizes love and sweetness.

Lilies are perennial flowers which are stunning in appearance. These flowers makes a great Valentine’s day flowers to make your girl fall in love with you again. Lilies mean passion, purity, beauty, fertility, and royalty. With a strong fragrance, lilies are available in a variety of colors that are absolutely perfect to showcase your pure love and affection towards your girlfriend on Valentine’s day.

The vibrant sunflowers are one of the beautiful flowers that symbolizes power, happiness, and strength. Although, these flowers have different meanings in different cultures, they symbolize loyalty and strength for couples deeply in love with each other. So, if you want to convey your loyalty towards your girlfriend, do not hesitate to gift her a bouquet of sunflowers on Valentine’s day.

Loved by almost everyone, Peonies are known for their softness, romantic smell, and lush appearance. With a beautiful fragrance, a bouquet of peonies are sure to make your girlfriend fall head over heels in love with you. Peonies come in a variety of lovely hues like pink, dark red, and white that can instantly bring a smile on anyone’s face.

These were some of the romantic Valentine’s Day flowers that you can gift to your girlfriend or Wife and make her skip a heartbeat. Along with Flowers, you can add Some Valentines day Quotes for Wife or girlfriend in greetings.

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