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A President Under Fire – Trump’s Impeachment Odds

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It’s making all the headlines. Conversations are highlighting it wherever you go. Dialogue is being provoked and solutions are trying to surface. Whether it’s on Fox News streaming, cnn streaming, MSNBC live or CNBC News Live, the word ‘impeachment’ is on everyone’s lips. The United States of America is ready to face a new draw card for their country’s functioning as the Senate looks to President Trump’s behaviours in the last few months to see if he is fit to run the country towards success - a first for the country.

There are several reasons that the current President Donald Trump is under the eye of his party and the citizens of America. Making lengthy quick decisions that affect the state of the country’s safety, healthcare, economy and security, Trump has overridden his cabinet, the requests from the citizens of the country and his own staff. With a rising doubt in his capacity and ability to run a superpower, the running reasons for his impeachment has grown extensively. If you watch CNN News streaming, the updates explain Trump’s neglect in managing his administration, failing on many accounts when it comes to his speech and actions. There have been thousands of complaints and enquiries in his dealings with the Russian government, firing FBI Director James Comey, refugee ban on travel, non-success in creating health care reform, a more proactive foreign policy, and promises of rising manufacturing jobs. Trump is currently a political, legal, and personal risk to America.

If unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, Trump will be set free, under the rule of impeachment. For this action to materialise, the House of Representatives would need a majority vote. Currently, there are 25 democratic lawmakers that back the bill that outlines removing President Donald Trump from office. What is required to make progress on the impeachment is the Vice President and a majority of executive staff members to back this vote of no confidence in order to ensure action will be taken.

Even though he was voted into office by way of the US legal outline of counting votes, 55% of the nation has voted against his ruling and want him out of office. There have been a series of demonstrations across America, documented on local Fox News, that are chanting for his impeachment for obstruction of justice. However because the charges have no evidence to back them, they are empty when presented to the law. The world is shocked by Trump’s example and anyone with a valid voice is willing to stand up and make him accountable for his behaviour in The White House as his decision affect the whole state of the country and those who rely on certain laws to protect them.

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