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Lara Sen

Lara is a independent writer. She has published articles in various blogs. She loves to write her own observations and experiences and she also wants to share her opinion.

Posted 8/26/16 at 12:05 AM | Lara Sen

Indiana: Embrace the Other Side of the Hoosier State

Old-fashioned wisdom has catalogued Indiana to be the state filled with nothing but farmers, fields and corn. But there’s a whole different side to this Hoosier State that ought to be on your Indiana itinerary planner. Whether it is the peaceful Amish communities or the world-renowned Indy 500, Indiana is bound to excite and impress every type of traveller.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana by Bob Hall

History, very famous Hoosier hospitality, high speed and sports are a few strong reasons Indianapolis ought to be on your Indiana trip planner. From the well-known Indianapolis 500 to the Colts and the Pacers, this beautiful city provides numerous options to experience amateur and professional sporting events, visit famous sports museums and even take part in some of the athletic events. Tour the legendary Motor Speedway and take a walk through the Hall of Fame Museum dedicated to auto racing and automobiles. If you aren’t a sports enthusiast, you could always dabble in the art, history and culture of the city by strolling along the 19th century Lockerbie Square District buildings, along the cobblestoned roads. Popularly known as the ‘Crossroads of America’, multiple interstate highways bisect this city than in any other in the entire country. FULL POST

Posted 8/24/16 at 11:49 PM | Lara Sen

Lawsuit against Amazon by Daimler AG over the Selling Of Replica Mercedes Wheels

Daimler AG is taking legal action against Amazon for trademark and patent violation, asserting the ecommerce lead had sold and supplied replica Mercedes wheels produced by third party manufacturer that bluntly features the protected designs of the automotive giant.

The suit was filed in Seattle’s district court in the US, could bring Amazon under the new test of liability for fake products on its part, which is going to be a trouble involving comprehensive legal and financial effects for the company. A similar case of this kind was won by Amazon last year sued by pillowcase maker Milo and Gabby, however the ruling is under appeal right now and the legislators of the trial court judge must re-examine the law based on which the decision was made.

The major question raised from Milo and Gabby’s side in the case was if Amazon was accountable for breach by a third-party seller using its side. But, in that case, the pillowcases were authorized as sold by third-party distributor, however fulfilled by Amazon. The judgment came referring that that Amazon had not made any ‘offer to sell’ technically, which is the legal requirement necessary to hold the company responsible for the selling of replica goods. FULL POST

Posted 8/20/16 at 12:04 AM | Lara Sen

Importance of Checking Reviews to Buy the Best Essential Oil

If you are confused about which is the best essential brand to purchase, it is the time to check into essential oil reviews. Many companies and suppliers claim that they sell completely pure and therapeutic-quality essential oils from natural plant. But, they all are for specific purposes and intents, no determined standards for essential oils. The pure and aromatic essential oils have no byproducts or contamination. Chemicals and additives are dangerous to skin and decrease the purpose and effectiveness of essential oil.

How to find the best essential oil brands?
Buying unadulterated essentials will allow you as well as your family to feel good while using essential oils. It is much like purchasing organic foods instead of hormone laden foods and pesticide. There are many people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, allergies and other different medical conditions than they were years age. This is bestowed to the chemicals deployed now in the society. So much altered GMO foods, excessive hormones and antibiotics used in the animals and so much synthetics and prescriptions. FULL POST

Posted 8/19/16 at 11:58 PM | Lara Sen

Knowing the Identity Theft Solutions

When your identity is threatened and stolen because someone else is using it without your consent or permission, you are bound to fret and fear! Anyone will. Identity thefts are defined as an offense that concerns the unlawful activities and handling of another individual’s identity. Thus, in order to protect yourself from any of such illegal activities and practices or saving yourself from any untoward consequences, you invariably need to look for apt identity theft solutions.

There are four types of identity thefts known that can jeopardize people live. They include:

  • Financial Identity theft that pertains to the exploiting another’s name and SSN to obtain services and goods for free
  • Criminal identity thefts that pretends as another person when arrested for a crime
  • Identity cloning uses another person’s information in order to assume his or her identity in daily life
  • Commercial Identity Theft uses another’s business name to obtain the credit

In order to beat these issues, there are different approaches to sort out these identity thefts.

What is Identity Theft?
Identity theft is clearly a serious breach of privacy. Hence, there is a need of effective and proper identity theft solutions have become crucial. This rise in the number of crimes also involves identity theft has led to the drafting of several laws. In case you have become a victim of identity theft is vital for you to adopt the most effective measures in order to restore the current state of affairs. What you can do in such situations, here are some steps: FULL POST

Posted 8/19/16 at 1:28 AM | Lara Sen

Pet Insurance- Do I need it?

Though pet insurances are not legal requirement yet millions of users are opting to buy it. Why? There are different reasons and benefits for the same. Do you need a pet or not, this article explains it all in details:

What does it covers?
Most of the people who decide to get a pet insurance are often willing to get rid of the hefty and unexpected vet bills. Paying a set monthly or yearly amount to insurance companies ensures that you need not to worry about the coverings of the cost for the vet treatment by yourself. Even if you pet is unwell or has met with an accident, you are free from burden.

Dog Insurance v/s Cat Insurance
There are many reasons to consider having a pet insurance, especially if you are a dog owner. A dog owner tends to be responsible for anything your pet does. If he has bitten someone, harmed someone’s property, damaged a car, run on road and caused accident or livestock losses, you are liable and responsible to pay all the cost and need to find a way of paying it all to them.

Pet insurance will help you to keep with such headache with a special type of insurance called as pubic liability. It pays out in the sorts of accidents ever happen. In usual cases, the cost reach thousands of dollars and thus, you will be saved. This is not the case for cats as they are free spirits. Pet Insurance is one of the cheapest insurance services available. FULL POST

Posted 8/17/16 at 5:20 AM | Lara Sen

Will the DEA Ever Rethink the Schedule I Classification of Cannabis?

This week the DEA rejected yet another bid to have marijuana reduced to a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act, which currently has the plant classified alongside the world's most dangerous and addictive substances such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. Even many people who are against cannabis legalization are having a hard time understanding how the plant could possibly be classified as one of the worst drugs in existence, despite being widely available as a doctor-recommended medication in 25 states.

Assessing the Reasons for Sticking with Schedule I
To justify the rejection, the DEA has said that cannabis should remain a Schedule I drug for three reasons: it “has no currently accepted medical use” (although half the states, thousands of physicians, and millions of patients disagree), it has “lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision” (kind of hard to argue when cannabis has a much higher LD-50 than Aspirin), and it has a high abuse potential (possibly, but it certainly doesn't have a higher abuse potential than opium, which is only considered Schedule II). Despite marijuana's villainous Schedule I status, the Justice Department doesn't seem to mind that anyone can purchase CBD cannabis seeds online, and CBD oil (extracted from hemp) can be legally sold and bought worldwide. FULL POST

Posted 8/17/16 at 5:12 AM | Lara Sen

Do We Put Too Much Focus on External Beauty?

Most of us have heard the saying that beauty comes from within. However, in today’s society, a lot of people focus on external beauty and seem to put the beauty from within on the back burner. Younger people in particular are constantly presented with images in the media that make them feel as though they need to look a certain way and as such as they tend to put a huge amount of effort into trying to achieve external perfection.

From paying for cosmetic surgery through to buying products such as a laser removal at home device, some people spend a fortune on their external appearance. However, couldn’t this money be used more wisely when you consider all of the problems in the world? Yet, many people including celebrities are quite happy to spend thousands upon thousands on making themselves look better.

Why do people feel under so much pressure to look the part?

There are many reasons why people feel under so much pressure to look good externally no matter how they feel inside. One of the major issues is the way in which celebrities and models are portrayed in the media. This gives younger people the impression that they should also aim to look like that despite the fact that the images are often air brushed to make the person look better. This then leads to all sorts of problems ranging from spending shed loads of money on cosmetic surgery through to more serious problems such as eating disorders. FULL POST

Posted 8/6/16 at 12:03 AM | Lara Sen

Medicinal Value of Cannabis Sativa: Is it significant?

Cannabis is a drug globally popular and used in many parts of the world. It has acquired different names based on the part of the world it is being used. These names include Weed, Hashish, Pot, and Marijuana. According to Shan (2008), the drug has been banned in many parts of the world, and for a good reason. The adverse effects of the use of the drug on the societies are intolerable. However, there is some medicinal value of the plant that produces the drug, and this is the focus of this paper. The paper wants to establish if the medicinal value of Cannabis can be enough to offset the negative effects.

Positive effects
The main medicinal benefits of the plant include being used as stress, depression and anxiety reliever, aids in digestion problems such as lack of appetite, heart diseases such as blood pressure and also treats insomnia. These are solutions to challenges that affect a significant number of people in the society. Most importantly, heart diseases such as blood pressure have been established to be positively influenced by the use of cannabis. This is a great benefit to many people suffering from such conditions seeing that the heart is a very sensitive organ. What the drug does is to balance out the cardiac functions and also reducing oil lipids to prevent high blood pressure. Clearly, the drug is very active in this area. Some drugs can achieve the same result, but the drug has been found to be more efficient regarding cost and time. As a result, the drug has a very strong hand of benefit in the medical world (Lanz et al., 2016). FULL POST

Posted 8/5/16 at 3:51 AM | Lara Sen

Plastic Surgeries Disasters- From Beauty to Blunders

Every now and then, we are used to coming across news and celebrities that show us a live example of how plastic surgeries are wreaking havoc on the face, the body as well as the looks of their favorite customers. Meant to enhance and beautify your features, in most of the cases plastic surgeries have gone horribly wrong and thus, doing irreparable damage. Vanity is definitely a dangerous thing especially for those who are in the limelight. The society's an obsession for perfection and beauty has led numerous celebrity to fall for the pressure to look like a divine and ended up looking horrible.

Things don't always go as they have been planned but in no ways, it means that plastic surgery is bad. It is a wonderful process for those who are victims of burn, accident victims, those who have some serious birth defect, war veterans or accidental damage. However, we have seen some people abusing and exploiting the power of this medical procedure just in order to look beyond "Best". Imagine the agony when we put "Celebrity" and "Plastic surgery disasters" together. Let's have a look at some epic examples:

Donatella Versace
A familiar surname and a famous figure who just got infamous from being famous due to her obsession for plastic surgeries. She is the vice president of famous Italian Fashion Brand: Versace and has gone through several surgeries to get a perfect womanly figure. However, she looks more of a recognizable mosaic creature. FULL POST

Posted 8/5/16 at 2:55 AM | Lara Sen

Top Reasons For Traveling To Brazil Now Despite The Zika Scare

Summer is in full swing and there has never been a better time to get out of the house and explore the world. Gas prices remain at minimum levels and this makes traveling at this point in time an even smarter choice. Of course, consumers will need to find a worthwhile location, which is beautiful, full of excitement, and budget friendly. This is why everyone should consider taking a trip to Brazil. Although the Zika Virus will undoubtedly keep some people at bay, others shouldn’t be bothered in the least. What makes now a better time than ever to travel to Brazil?

Well, if you’re going to be traveling within the upcoming weeks, you may very well get the opportunity to be a part of the Rio Olympics. The media has created a lot of controversy regarding the 2016 Summer Olympics, but this is simply an excuse to grab television ratings. The event will bring together athletes from over 206 nations, with the opening ceremony being held on August the 5th and the closing ceremony taking place on August the 21st. The Olympic Games always manage to spark tourism within the host country and Brazil will be no different. For a once in a lifetime experience, be sure to leave for Brazil as soon as possible. The event is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, so be sure to schedule your trip accordingly. FULL POST

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