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Church says Cannabis utilization in the religious sphere

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Furthermore, God stated, Let the earth deliver grass, and the herb yielding seed…

- Genesis 1:11

Congress might make no law regarding a foundation of religion, or disallowing the free exercise thereof…

- The United States Constitution
In a wide range of cultures and religions that originate before the United States or Christianity, the cannabis plant has been utilized as a spiritual and religious ceremony. Much like the utilization of wine in Christianity, cannabis has additionally been utilized as a major aspect of spiritual rituals and functions. From Hinduism to Rastafarianism to Christianity, many cultures and religions have received this plant.

Hindus have utilized cannabis in religious functions as right on time as 1000 BCE. The plant has been expended in a custom watching the goddess Shiva. Likewise, amid the festival of Holi, the plant is expended in a religious drink called bhang. As indicated by the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report: "there is bottomless confirmation… which demonstrates not just that ganja[cannabis] is offered to the god and devoured by these classes of worshippers, however that these traditions are so personally associated with their worship that they might be considered to shape in some sense a vital piece of it." To outlaw the utilization of cannabis is outlaw conventional Hinduism, which is basically what the U.S. has done.

While Hinduism (one of the universes biggest religions) is the most clear case of religious cannabis, there are numerous different religions in the U.S. that have a history with the plant. In Christianity and Judaism, the "heavenly blessing oil" specified by the Old Testament had cannabis as one of the primary fixings. The more present day religion of Rastafarianism (perceived by the Supreme Court as a religion) is very prominent among youth and african-american culture. Bounce Marley, a renowned supporter of Rastafarianism clarified cannabis as an image of religious opportunity in his prominent quote "The more man smoke herb, the more babylon fall." Babylon is viewed as an onerous government that points of confinement religious flexibility… at the end of the day, the correct government that the Founding Fathers did not have any desire to make.

Much more as of late has been the development of a totally new religious philosophy: cantheism. Cantheism is a word that connotes any demeanors towards the cannabis plant as a religious affair. While not in fact a religion itself, it is a philosophy that inspects the inalienable religious nature of man's association with the cannabis plant. The current legitimate contention in the U.S. against cannabis is that the laws are constitutional since they disallow no particular religion from developing or devouring this plant. The truth of the matter is, they are transparently precluding all religions from playing out an antiquated religious activity:
communicating with the cannabis plant. My decision is that all laws that restrict cannabis in any capacity negate the Constitution of the United States for the benefit of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and particularly Rastafarianism and Cantheism.

That, as well as the Constitution itself was composed on hemp!


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