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Do High Earnings Compromise Christian Values?

Fri, Sep. 01, 2017 Posted: 01:34 AM

In a recent report, a debate erupted over whether someone that was earning vast amounts of money from their profession would have their Christian values compromised. This can after it was revealed that 22-year-old Brazilian footballer, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, would be earning around half a million dollars a week at Paris Saint Germain.

The footballer is a renowned Christian and once stated that life could only make sense if our highest priority was to serve God. However, some questioned how he could justify earning such a large amount of money while still maintaining high Christian values. So, is there anything wrong with being a high earner if you claim that God is your number one priority?

High earners can still maintain their Christian values

Despite the debate that emerged after the footballer’s earnings were revealed, most believe that it is fine to be a high earner without compromising on Christian values. There are plenty of different professions where huge earnings are possible from the stock exchange through to business ownership. Professionals such as CFD brokers, business managers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities earn big money. However, this does not mean that they have to compromise on their ideal to serve God.

In fact, there are many big names in the world of sports and celebrities with high Christian values. This includes the country singer, Carrie Underwood, NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, actor, Ryan Gosling, and Hollywood star, Nicole Kidman. All of these celebrities are known for their Christian values but they all earn vast amounts of money from their profession.

The general consensus seems to be that it is not about how much a person earns from their profession but what they do with the money, power, and celebrity status that they have. Many high earners do a lot of work for charity and donate a huge amount of money to good causes. High earners with Christian values are actually in a very good position because they are able to do what many other Christians cannot do – providing financial support to help good causes.

It’s a sad fact of life but these days money is necessary to help others. Of course, there are many Christians that devote a lot of time and dedication towards helping others and doing their bit for charity. However, unfortunately they cannot provide the financial support that is sometimes needed. Those that earn a lot of money are able to do this, which is something that can be hugely helpful to charities. In addition, many high earners including celebrities have a powerful status. This puts them in a strong position to encourage others to help and to try and help make the world a better place for other people.

It’s important for all Christian to do their bit regardless of their financial status. For those with plenty of money, there is the added bonus of being able to help financially as well as in terms of giving time to help good causes.

Lara Sen